Tiny Gallon

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Tiny Gallon

Tiny Gallon was cut by the Bucks a couple days ago, so where does everyone think he goes from here? I know he has many flaws but i have to think someone would take a chance on a young guy who is 6'10 and can shoot and has the potential to be a very good rebounder. Also, where is Tommy Mason-Griffin playing? and what kind of impact does everyone think Willie Warren can have with the Clips this year?

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I don't think willie warren will play really at all this year..I believe he has yet to actually log a minute in the preseason so far

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Warren hasn't played in any

Warren hasn't played in any preseason games. I think he will be an NBA player by the end of the season, but I wouldn't be surprised if he started the year on the Clips 18 man roster, but in the D-League.

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Willie Warren is the next

Willie Warren is the next Willie Green.

That's not even a knock on Warren I think he will be a solid bench contributor for a decade in this league. He's athletic strong, and got good combo size being able to guard 2guard and PG's. He also has underrated PG skills and can run the pick and roll better then people realize. Willie Green always found a way to come off the bench and score atleast 10 points for the Sixers no matter what coach we had. He always found a way to get minutes a contribute because of his work ethic and scoring instincts. I think Warren will carve out the same niche.

Tiny Gallon unfortunatley had to leave college 2 years before he was a lotto pick.

He needs to get in better shape and stay there but after he does that he will be in the league. Right now I smell D League.

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if you were talking about

if you were talking about blake griffins brother then he went to europe to partizan belgrade

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Tommy Mason-Griffin NOT Taylor Griffin

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As a Knick fan, I want them

As a Knick fan, I want them to pick Gallon up. I wanted him in the draft. He could be another Glen Davis potentially if they NBDL him this year.

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Mason-Griffen, Gallon, and Warren....smh

To be honest none of them should have came out last year, everyone of them didn't like school but everyone of them would have benifited greatly from another season. Its sad to see young players get so cought up in there own hype, but best of luck to them.

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i think in a couple of years

i think in a couple of years Willie could be a very solid 6th man somewhere. he is a good shooter(streaky at times though) he is a decent ball handler and is very athletic and a good defender. he is also faily good at driving it to the hole!

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All of them abused their high school rankings and mcdonalds all-american status... College is a bigger pond with bigger fish and none of them should have left college- because none of them are ready for the NBA. All three of them together could have made a solid college team. I think all three could have been drafted higher( or at all.... Mason-Griffin) if they had have stayed in college for just one more season. If there were possible eligilbility issues, they screwed themselves by not focusing on the one thing which allows them to play for a d-1 program like Oklahoma, which is grades. It sickens me how some players do not take a FREE education at a decent college seriously, is it that hard to stay eligible in college based on the easy majors most future one and dones take and the fact that tutors are available to atheletes virtually at any time????

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Tommy Mason-Griffin- He left

Tommy Mason-Griffin- He left too early. If you watched OU play last year, you could easily see the talent he possesses as a scorer and shooter. He was rough around the edges, not a pure playmaker, and extremely selfish, which is a huge reason OU sucked last year. I didn't think he'd get drafted and he was the guy EVERYBODY said was dumb for leaving early, but it surprised the hell outta be that he didn't even get a Summer League invite lol. If Mason-Griffin would've stayed under Coach Capel for a year or 2 (which may be asking too much, he clearly wasn't a school kinda guy), he had a chance to develop into a top 3 PG in the college ranks, and a Jameer Nelson-esque PG prospect in the NBA. If he was patient.

Tiny Gallon- He flashed some intriguing footwork and the raw ability to pull off some nice moves down low last season, and showed that he had the raw ability score as far out as 20 feet, but he struggled whenever he faced bigs that were either long or athletic, or both, more so defensively than offensively. I watched Curtis Kelly/Jamar Samuels, Cole Aldrich, Ekpe Udoh, and Derrick Caracter dominate him head-to-head. He was one of the worst defenders in the Big 12, regardless of position IMO. And he was only mediocre as a rebounder when he faced quality bigs. He was a developmental prospect from jump for Milwaukee, and I think he has a chance to climb back to the NBA in a few years. He has the talent to get back to the NBA as a back-end rotation player. He just has to get in shape, commit to the game, and get smarter about how to polish and correctly use his unique skill set.

Willie Warren- I thought he had the potential to be a Randy Foye type, as he can score at 3 levels, has a strudy build, and more than decent athleticism, handles and quickness. He's not nearly as polished as Foye was coming into the NBA, but he still has a chance to be a serviceable offensive specialist for a team down the line though. He's raw right now and not a smart player yet, but he has upside for the long-term.

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You ask where Gallon goes

You ask where Gallon goes from here: hopefully to the gym. He has potential but has to trim down.

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