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Tiny Gallon

For those of you who said he wouldn't get drafted (which was 95 percent of people on the site) whats up???????????????????????????????????????

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love his game think he gotta

love his game think he gotta chance to be good......yessir hahaha there were alot of haters where they at???

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I had him getting drafted and

I had him getting drafted and pretty high too. I thought late first or early second but he is going to a team that will need him. Also what if he is still growing, He is 6 10 now and could be a Kendrick Perkins type player behind Bogut if he does but he is more skilled offensively.

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Ive seen him play in high

Ive seen him play in high school and in college and if he doesn't work on conditioning and attitude he will not stick around for long.

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I'm so happy he got reunited

I'm so happy he got reunited with his highschool buddy Brandon Jennings.

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"Kendrick Perkins type player?" what?

Nah, this guy has range out to the 3, unlike Kendrick.
I think "Tiny" said he sees himself as someone who could spread the floor.

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