Time to step up

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Time to step up

Big nights tonight. Can Durant, Melo, George, and CP3 all show why they are some of the best players in the league? Durant, Melo, and George all have an opportunity to close on the series on the road. CP3 is in a win or go home situation on the road having lost 3 straight to the Grizzlies. Who steps up and shows why they are the best of the best? Does Durant show what he can do without Westbrook? Does all the drama and trash talk surrounding Melo effect his game? Can Paul George close out a game on the road? Does Paul make it back to LA for a huge game 7?

Durant has a huge game for the win.
Melo silences Bostons crowd in a win
Indiana loses game 6 in ATL, but wins in a blowout back in Indiana for game 7
Paul is the best PG in the league, but the grizzlies are too much for the Clippers to handle. Series ends tonight.

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Can care less about the hawks pacers

But I actually hope the rockets and can somehow take the thunder to game 7 and harden can have 1 last chance at OkC. Feel like that game would be magic

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Agree with you. Should be a

Agree with you. Should be a statement night for many players tonite.

Not sure if the Pacers don't blow out the Hawks in game seven but maybe already in game six. I see Josh Smith having a horrible game tonite and raising questions which team should pay him his max or near max money. If I have the cap space I wouldn't touch Smith or Dwight this summer. Maybe Dwight is still the best center in the game but in 3 years his 25 mil contract might be one of the worst in the league. Who really believes Dwight will ever be more than a 20/13/2,5 player from now on? I don't think that's worth the money and the Trouble you will have with him on the team... And this stats are best case to me. Kanter, Favors or even Drummond might get there very soon.

Even if think the Knicks play the best basketball for years I still see no happy ending for this team. New York Basketball always comes with drama and somehow I don't see this and very well. What I would reall like to see is the Celtics reaching the next round and Rondo playing earlier than Rose - what won't happen. The Knicks in the next Round would be better for the NBA as they are much of a better story than the Celtics but don't count out KG and especially not Paul Pierce who is ALWAYS delivering when he has to.

The Cippers will lose this one or if not the next one. I don't like this team anymore. DeAndre still is nothing more than a very poor mans Tyson Chandler (and not 1/5 the defensive player LA wishes he is) and as exciting as Blake Griffin might be I hate this guy more and more. Don't know how Bad his ankle really was but to sit on the bench and holding your ankle which isn't even iced. Blake to be is the biggest Blender in the league right now. Only playing like a man when he can dunk on someone. He has a body to be the next Karl Malone but instead of going against RAndolph and Gasol as hard as he can he is beeing schooled by them...

Paul should leave this team in the summer.

What about Stephenson in the starting lineup for the Pacers??? I read somewhere that since he was inserted the pacers offense is like +8. really happy to see him finding a role for the Pacers!

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