Time to Fess Up

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Time to Fess Up

Ok so a lot of us had predictions or thoughts on who would be playing well this season and so far I have been wrong on a couple of people.

Ricky Rubio I was not sold on as I heard he wasn't playing as well overseas as he should have been and there was also some chatter that he has not improved much at all... but he looks like a completely different player in the NBA while helping to make the T'Wolves more relevant and watchable.

Also Iman Shumpert. He had all the tools to be an NBA player (length, athleticism, size, skill, defense) but played way out of control in college and took bad shots. I didn't think he warranted the seletion he got picked in the first round but he has completely prooved me wrong and is showing he is deserving of where he was picked.

The season is young but who have you been wrong about and why?

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John Wall- i said he would

John Wall- i said he would avg 20 and 8, and so far im wrong, he will probably pick it up later in the season or is going through a sophmore slump, either way the wiz would still be horrible

Ricky Rubio- I knew he would be a good nba player but i predicted he would avg 6 and 6 his rookie season instead he is more sucessful then that and hes not even starting thats awesome to know when someone exceeds your expectation

Iman Shumpert- i didnt know why he was a 1st rounder, and didnt watch much of him in college, i knew he took bad shots and was a good defender so far hes exceeding what i thought of him

i didnt make a lot of predictions other then rookies and they are up and down but as you said its way too early we'll have to open this up at allstar weekend, then again at the end of the season

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I was wrong about

Tristian Thompson and Jrue Holiday.

I thought Thompson would be a bust as the 4th pick overall. But after watching him play in limited minutes, he does have the tools to be a good Power Forward in the league, maybe not All Star.

I thought Jrue Holiday would have a break out season and become the Most Improved Player, but it seems he still have a long ways to go, in terms of shot selection and decision making.

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I was quite wrong on kenneth

I was quite wrong on kenneth faried. I knew he wasn't gonna be a starter... but i thought he could at least get off the bench. holy smokes.

also I thought that derrick williams would have won the starting position by now

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Although in this instance I

Although in this instance I am glad to be wrong, I knew Ty Lawson would be a good NBA player, but not this good this soon.

I am still waiting for Aminu to break out, I really thought he wouldve done more once moving to N.O.

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....yeah...why isnt Faried

....yeah...why isnt Faried getting off the bench? I thought he would be an immediate contributor with his grittiness...particularly in the absence of Chandler. he is avg 2.5bpg in the 2 games he has appeared though. :)

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JJ Hickson

Being an NC State fan I was expecting a lot from Hickson this year. I figured he would have a nice year and average 18 and 11 while playing alongside Cousins but the Kings just don't look good most nights and Hickson has struggled to get consistent minutes. Maybe with the Chuck Hayes injury he can round back into form.

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Lance Stephenson

I thought Lance Stephenson was gonna keep his head straight and be an instant starter or at least first man off the bench type of player in Indiana. Especially since he plays the position needed the most by that team. I still hold out faith though.

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Tristian Thomas

I said that the Cavs made a huge mistake in picking him that he is going to be a bust. Looks like a solid player.

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A couple guys I was wrong

A couple guys I was wrong about; John Wall and Derrick Williams.

John Wall: I also thought he'd average something like 20 and 8. He's started out the season very poorly. I thought he'd be a much improved player, but it doesn't seem like he's taken any steps forward. Now part of his struggles have to do with his poor supporting cast, but he still hasn't shown much improvement.

Derrick Williams: I thought he'd average something like 16, 8 and 3. He has shown some flashes, but is pretty inconsistent. He also isn't getting the minutes. I thought he would easily win ROY, but at this point I'm not sure he's even in the top 5 in terms of ROY. If the T-Wolves trade Beasley, his minutes will surely increase. But as of right now, he's too inconsistent and isn't getting the minutes to make a huge impact.

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I didn't say much, because

I didn't say much, because I'm new here, so the following is confession about my thoughts pre-season, keeping in mind we are still at the very beginning of the season, so lots of things might change:

1. I expected one more year of rebuilding for the Utah Jazz. By that I mean... a season with mediocre record in the 30s%. So far it seems the team is gelling up pretty well, and even if we assume they've had a relatively easy schedule so far, they look like they could push for a playoff spot. (This one is another prediction I might be totally wrong about in a few months time)

2. I expected huge numbers from Griffin with Clippers acquiring Paul. I know he's averaging even more points than last season, but I expected numbers like... 27 and 15. Still not too late for that... We'll see...

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I agree...I really thought

I agree...I really thought Iman Shumpert was going to be a huge bust. He played SO out of control and arrogant in I thought he wouldn't have the mental capacity to keep it together for 30 min/ is he proving me wrong.

And I also assumed the Jazz were going to be leaning much more heavily on their rookie pair than they are.....not necessarily a rookie issue....more of a coach decision assumption. I thought Kanter and Burks would be getting 25ish min/night but they are getting about 10 and the Jazz are winning....which is actually making me mad.....they arent going anywhere with that team and should trade Jefferson for a 1st rounder while they can and just suck it up and lose every game by 10.......they should get another pair of lottery picks next year.

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I said that Farried would

I said that Farried would start from day 1... LoL

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Alright, alright

Here are a few that come to mind, have to say I agree with most peoples and probably thought along the same lines for a number of those players.

John Wall: Definitely bought into the Wall hype. I was not one of the people saying he would be better than Derrick Rose, but I thought he would at least make a similar second season progression. So far he has not, but the season is still young. Still am surprised he has started this poorly.

Iman Shumpert: Has been better than I thought as well. His combine numbers and measurements were awesome, but I did not expect him to do this well. Still a long season, but he is off to a very solid start.

Ricky Rubio: I had a feeling the NBA would treat him alright, but he has definitely exceeded my early expectations. Actually not a bad defender and his shooting has not been much of an issue in the least. For a rookie PG, that is impressive. Same applies with everyone, long season, but if he shoots over 40% from the field, which he certainly seems on track to do and than some, that is very encouraging.

BJ Mullens: I had kind of given up on him. But, the kid is not THAT bad. He is on a bad team and I do not think he is much more than an average center, though was anyone expecting as much as he has really given this year?

DeMar DeRozan: I have absolute faith that he can turn things around, but I was expecting more from him to start the season. He has obviously improved his range and I know he works really hard, but he has not done exactly what I was expecting. Bargnani has exceeded my expectations offensively, but I am guessing these two will find a balance.

Derrick Favors: Everytime I have seen him, he looks pretty damn good. Kind of surprised at the leaps he has taken, he and Kanter could be a super solid front court for the Jazz in the future.

Wesley Johnson: Don't know if it is Adelman or playing out of position, but he has struggled like hell this season. Was never crazy about him going 4th, but I had much higher expectations for him than what he has displayed this season.

Tyreke Evans: I am kind of shocked this guy is not one of the better scoring guards in the league. I think he is fully playing out of position at point, even though he is a fantastic dribbler. Still, I absolutely though Tyreke would be averaging around 22 points per game. I know they have another scoring guard in Marcus Thornton, but I kind of thought Tyreke might take more of the load on his shoulders.

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Andris Biedrins

I thought he'd have a solid year with a new coach (Jackson) and a potent backcourt (Monta + Curry). Yeah Curry has been out, but Biedrins still isn't doing sh!t. and they prefer playing Kwame over him which means you've failed at basketball.

Dorell wright has unpleasantly suprised me as well, excluding that game vs MIA

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Ricky Rubio:Not really

Ricky Rubio:Not really suprised by his play in the NBA I knew he could pass and would get his assist but his shooting is really suprising to me.Some people said John Wall playes like Jason Kidd hells no ,if anyone is close to J-Kidd its Rubio

John Wall:Really disappointed in him I dont want to even talk about it

Tyreke Evans:I honestly thought he was gonna have a breakout year and put up allstar numbers

Iman Shumpert:I really thought he was just an athlete and thats all but he has really suprised me

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I was never very fond of Ryan Anderson since the majority of his shots come from beyond the arc so I thought that Big Baby would win the starting spot and play well at that.

I also thought Serge Ibaka would finally develop into the player we all think he is capable of being but sadly he is only getting 24 minutes a game.

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Don't kill me, but I thought

Don't kill me, but I thought Beasley was going to be better than Rose, boy was I WRONG..........

I thought Love was going to be a bust, and OJ Mayo would be a star.

I though Hasheem Thabeet would be the next Dikembe, and boy was I also wrong.

I knew Durant was going to be an amazing scorer, but who didn't lol.

I predicted Brandon Rush would become a starter in the league, and that was somewhat right, lol.

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Well, if you want to talk PAST predicts

Eddy Curry: I bought into the "Baby Shaq" hype. Not that I thought he was going to be Shaq, I mean, "Baby" anything usually means less than, but I thought he would be one of the better centers in the league. He was decent for a while, but he never got to the point I believed he would. I never felt he was All-Star worthy, even when he was putting up numbers on the Knicks. He was not a total bust, but he never got to where I thought he would. Thought that he and Tyson Chandler would make a great combo, just did not happen.

DaJuan Wagner: I know, memphistyga, injuries killed him. Nonetheless, I thought he was the best player in the 2002 draft and was really excited when I thought he and LeBron would team up. They did for a while, but Juanny never found his groove in the NBA. Even before he went down to injury, he was definitely a volume shooter and did not look like the All-Star I thought he might be.

Pavel Poldkolzine: Being the infinite moron that I am, I remember the insane Pavel hype in 2003. I bit. He was 7'5! He could dribble a basketball well (with no one defending him) and looked like a potential beast to me. Chad Ford wrote a glowing report on him (I was able to look at Insider at the time because you could type in a college and I think their mascot and get in) and I thought he would be a better selection than Chris Bosh and TJ Ford. Dwyane Wade was not even on my mind for the pick. Blasphemy, I know. I was young, dumb and hopefully have learned slightly from my mistake. Thankfully, he left that draft and I did not have to worry about it. But, I learned I have to be careful what I listen to and take much more into account than pure size.

Darko Milicic: I thought he was legit. To me, LeBron was the best bar none, but Darko had big time potential. Felt he would be an All-Star and develop into a tougher version of Pau Gasol. He is a legend, on this board, but the Dark Ages never came.

DerMarr Johnson: Thought he had the makings of a star. He was a super tall SG and I had a lot of faith in his ability. Injuries again derailed a potentially promising career, but he was showing signs of not really getting there even before they happened.

Sebastian Telfair: I said to myself, "This guy is a gym rat. He will work his @ss off and prove to be a fantastic 13th pick. So glad Portland took him instead of Jameer Nelson." Well, I was wrong. Very wrong, thus far. Bassy may work hard and all, but he never became close to what I thought he might.

Marvin Williams: Thought he was the best player in the 2005 draft. Totally bought into the hype, hook, line and sinker. He was 6'9, could dribble, shoot, thought he was going to be an All-Star level three man. I knew Chris Paul and Deron Williams were good, but I thought Marvin was the catch. Wrong. Very wrong.

Adam Morrison: I was a stache believer. He was intense, he had a fantastic offensive skill set and I thought he would be a scoring machine for the Bobcats. Every game I had seen him in when he was in college, the guy could get his shot off against anybody. I knew he was a subpar defender, but I felt like he would just work his butt off and be a solid player at the least. Well, he may have worked hard, but it was not enough.

Am sure I have more, but these were a few I was definitely off on. We all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them.

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Kobe Bryant I thought he

Kobe Bryant

I thought he was gonna slow down a bit this year.

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Ricky Rubio-I was one of his

Ricky Rubio-I was one of his biggest critics when he was drafted and thought he was so overhyped. He has shown he is more then capable as a shooter and defender (2 things I was sure he couldn't do in the NBA) and is a much better scorer/decision maker then I thought. I was definitely wrong about him.

Wes Johnson-Thought he was a great pick for the Wolves and thought he would be getting 12-14 ppg by now. Apparently he sucks though. Under 35% and under 5

Kobe Bryant-I thought he would slow down considerably. I still think eventually the season will wear him down some, but it's incredible that he is averaging over 30 a game at this point.

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I thought Chris Paul shouldve

I thought Chris Paul shouldve been #1 in the 05 draft and no less than #2 with only Marvin Williams going ahead of him.

I was shocked that DWill went before Paul. Also, I knew DWill was good, but I had no idea he would be as good as he is, not even close really. I thought he would has similar numbers that he had in college...12-14ppg and 6-7apg. Ditto with Westbrook.

I thought Felton couldve went ahead of DWill but wasnt shocked or surprised. I thought Rashad McCants would be an All Star calibur player.

I thought Lebron would have a title by his 6th or 7th year in the league.

I thought Javaris Crittenton couldve been a star.

I thought Beasley would be a double digit rebounder.

I thought Mayo would be an absolute scoring machine.


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