Time to disassemble the Twolves

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Time to disassemble the Twolves

Yikes, how many times have we read Twolves fans on this board get wet over their team before the season starts. Yet, every yr their team stinks it up even worse than last yrs. squad. They get lottery pick after lottery pick and end up drafting the worst possible picks imaginable Flynn, Wes, Williams, Brewer and so forth. Let me not forget how their best player Love is now without a doubt injury prone and will be through out his carrer. They will most likely loose Pekovic this offseason as they won't be able to afford him after throwing ridicuolist amount of cash for what now looks like a washed up Kirilenko. Time for them to start fresh again and build around Rubio. Maybe a Love for Howard trade would benefit both the Wolves and Lakers. Add a solid SG in the draft like Oladipo and the Wolves start looking alright


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I think the chances Dwight

I think the chances Dwight Howard is going to resign in Minnesota are less than 0%. If Orlando's front office disappointed him, god knows what he would do with Minnesota's front office

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There isn't a team in the

There isn't a team in the league ravaged more by injuries to multiple players. I'd at least like to see the core play together before deciding to disassemble it.

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I agree with Siggy. The

I agree with Siggy. The TWolves look great on paper. Unfortunately they were plagued with injury before the season even started. I wouldn't call Love injury prone. Last year he suffered a concussion, this year he broke his hand by doing push ups and came back too soon. Those are freak accidents. If they can retain their current roster and find a suitable replacement at the 2 for Brandon Roy, I don't see why they can't contend for playoff spots in the near future. Granted they can stay healthy.

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AK47 is the most valuable

AK47 is the most valuable player on that team. They freaking fell apart when he went down.

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I was in the middle of

I was in the middle of writting a lengthy response, but then I decided that your post doesnt deserve responses.

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The Wolves need to add a 2

The Wolves need to add a 2 guard over 6'3 and if they stay healthy they can be a top 4 seed in the West.

Dwill is playing himself into either a nice trade chip, or a valuable 6th man as an energy big ala Millsap in his younger days.

The biggest question mark going into the offseason is what to do with Pekovic. if some douchebag of a gm (olshey) offers him 12 to 14 mil theyve got some tough decisions to make. He is a good piece, but he is injury prone and his style is replaceable as long as Rubio and Love are on the floor.

Best offseason would be to sign Pek to a fair deal (8-10 mil), draft Alex Len as a backup and trade Dwill and Barea for a wing

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