Timberwolves offseason Ideas.

Main Objective:

The Timberwolves really gotta say what they gonna do for Kevin Love.Kevin love eats of rebounds and &$#%#&@! outs put-backs. And knock down the 3 ball. They need to get a better point guard and this offseason they have the chance to get Kyrie Irving, or Ricky Rubio. And some say we need a better scorer at the 2 . Which means replacing Wesly Johnson at are Shooting Guard spot but I think David Kahn is saying give Wesly Johnson some time cause he is still learning the ways to play in the NBA. And with that being said I think Flynn would probably come off are bench he has more quickness and better ball handling and he has good chemistry with the team. And atill has potiental to start. But not in the Rambis Offense system. Probably with a differnt that idea would work for Flynn but highly not in Rambis control as coach.


1.Luker Ridnour.- He is a Pg to come off the bench, He has nice ball handling and looks to pick and roll with kevin Love and shoots the mid-range jumper when he has a open shot. He plays a oky defense but he is more offensively . But, with us having the chances to have Kyrie Irving or Ricky Rubio is nice for next season in the wolves fabor cause they will have a boost at the Point Guard spot.

2.Wesly Johnson- Are starting SG. he is 6'8 he doenst really have good ball handling but has a nice pull up jumper at the 3pt mark.He doesnt force alot of shoots he tends to shoot alot of bricks. He needs to start knocking down shoots and stop passing the ball up to Beasly and Ridnour. If he doesnt show up by next season look for Martell Webster to take his Spot.

3.Micheal Beasly - He is are second team leading scorer. I think we need to trade Beasly he is a talented offesive player but, he need too be on another team a team that can make it to the playoffs every year to reach his potential. But get forreal we need a better C. And Beasly is the only player we could get talent for. Beasly depends too much on his long mid-randge shots. He trys to shoot alot and less post up . And he doesnt take the ball in when the defense is set. But, goes in for the attttack on the fastbreak.But Beasly is still a scorer he just needs to develop his game more this offseason and improve his conditiong and bulk up so he can stick SF. like Paul Peirce,Carmelo,Lebron, etc. He and needs to improve on he defense low post and 1 on 1 defense.

4. Kevin Love- The rebound machine. he gets alot of his points off putbacks and low-post shot. He also knocks down the 3pt shoot. speciallyin the pick and roll. This offseason Love needs to improve his defense And needs to work on the pick and roll more and try to get in the paint and gain the foul. So he can really play his game at getting to the freethrow line. This offseason Love will ask for Ricky Rubio cause Kyrie Irving will try to score too much on a team that makes the point distrubute then score the basket.

5. Darkio Milic- Darkio is a defensive Big man but he needs to come off the bench for the timberwolves. Look for us to sign a FA c. This offseason


The wolves bench is JohnNY fLYNN who is a very fast Pg. He has the quickness to dominant in the pick and roll. And he bring excitement with his passes to change the energy of the ball game.He has the quickness to stay with his man but he needs to add some more size show he wont be bullied by bigger Pg. Anthony Randolf is a defensive PF who can knock down mid-randge shots and can grab the rebound and push the ball up the court as a PointForward. And sometime in the game he can play C from time to time. Martell Webster is a pure offensive player he can knock down the 3pt shoot but he has had problems with injurys but if he gets back in shape he can probably take the starting SG spot if Wesly Johnson dont improve next season.WAYNE ellington is a player i have respect for on the timberwolves but he would not be a wolves player next season.


I been saying for a while that we should draft Derrick Williams. He can be are starting Sf. We can trade Beasly for a decent C. Derrick Williams has the ability to get to the rim and dunk. he can also get in post shot form and take the post shot. he has a huge side of potential with his size and not taking dumn shots but will attack when he has too cause the team needs a bucket in that possesion.

Trade :

Beasly gotta go Beasly needs to be on another team he is the only peice we can afford to give up and receive something in return that could help us. Beasly is a good young player. A team s gonna want him . A that team will have to have a SG. OR C

Beasly Hint:

If we dont have the chance to draft Derrick Williams we will and not have to trade Beasly. Im trying to tel yall this if it comes down to us selecting between Derrick Williams and Micheal Beasly. Derrick Williams is the choice. Beasly is a good player but Derrick Williams will fit in more with his athletism and toughness to attack the basket. Beasly would just be a go to scorer . And why Beasly would have to leave cause we would need a Sg. Who can score like a J.R smith , O.j Mayo kind of player and Beasly is a player we can get something in return for

Kyrie Irving- We dont need Irving we have Ricky Rubio and in tis offense Rubio fits in more cause he doesnt try to score but pass too his teammates and in this system the Pg doesnt have to be a go to scorer but more of a defensive player and distrubute the ball around.

Ricky Rubio- The day he signs a contract with us he would be are starting PG. cause of his abilty to distrubte the ball to his teammates. And this kind of player would help build chemistry anround a team of plaers who hhas atheltism abilty to attack the basket and knock down shots.

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Re: Timberwolves moving forward

For a second I thought maybe this was a post from Mike Beasley himself. I didn't think anyone else would respond to this much, mostly cause dude you need to sit down with MS word and organize your thoughts a bit better. The Timberwolves are horribly mismanaged and the idea of them ever putting it all together always seems as likely as some alternate dimension where they really are a decent basketball team.

However it would be interesting to travel to that dimension for a second. Hmm what would that look like???

Building around K-Love they need a PG that can hold their own against the ever growing group of Dynamic PG's in this league. That is why they have to draft Kyrie if they have the chance, they also do need a reliable shooting guard, but I think the number two move before that would be to get a defensive center to play along Love, alter some shots, and guard opposing big men. I'd say Rubio, Beasley are trade chips in this pursuit, mostly because they are not going to be the character guys you want to build around.

IF by some miracle Minni can do these things then this conversation will be a lot more interesting

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We dont need Irving if we

We dont need Irving if we select Irving over Rubio . Yall gonna call Irving another Flynn "a good player but in a bad system"

Rubio has the talents and skill sets to start for the timberwolves if Kurt Rambis is still the coach.

Also Beasly must be traded its better to draft and player then to take a player. He is avg. 20 ppg. That is oky but he doesnt play hard on defense. By selecting Derrick Williams he works hard on both ends of the floor and he has more athletism then Micheal Beasly. If we wanna run a fast up-tempo offense Derrick Williams is the man. And for him being a rookie he can be tought more then a hardheaded Beasly.

Derrick Williams will also post up like A Carmelo Anthony type of player. He doesnt have alot of quickness but he has the strength to bully his oppent for the inside atttack.Beasly doesnt go for post shots he is scarred to .

Also Tyler Honeycutt would be a nice pick with are 20 pick(grizzles) he can shoot of the of ball screens givin for him. And he is 6'8 with good handles and excellent passing. He can start over Wesly Johnson in my book.

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Johnson is a SF

Wesley is a small forward and that is where he will be when they move Beasley. Rubio obviously doesn't want to play for the Timberwolves, why would you want to bring him there over Irving? Send him packing! If he was drafted by the Lakers or Knicks he'd be a NBA player by now. I'm a Raps fan and we have the same problems, no one wants to play here. That is why you need to have the players in place that want to be part of success with your franchise and not just their own success, a la Bosh, VC, McGrady etc... Unfortunately for Minnisota you had that type of player in Garnett but you done screwed that pooch and are in rebuild now.

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