The TimberWolves could really build something special.

I think Minnesota has a chance to build a great team if they use their picks wisely. They already have a talented young team plus with 5 picks in this draft they could do some damage. With picks 6, 18, 28, 45, & 47 the Wolves can fill a lot of holes. A star point guard has to be the #1 priority. Kevin Love & Al Jefferson form a good nucleus in the post. The key could be if Brewer ever develops into a good SF. Ryan Gomes and Miller are descent at their positions but an upgrade would be nice. I'm not a Wolves fan I am just interested to see what they do with all these picks.

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i have read that the kings like holiday. should minnesota try jennings? the guy is quick and can drive.

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If Jennings is available I

If Jennings is available I think TWolves have to take him.

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The wolves will not pass on

The wolves will not pass on Jennings it's that simple. Randy Foye is a 2 not a 1.

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Wolves future is OK.

Wolves future is OK. Trading Mayo for Love will hurt them for a while and I'm still not exactly sure why they did that trade. Mayo is the outside scorer that this teams needs to be competitive, and such a scorer can be found no where in this draft. Love is a good player, but not Mayo, and gives the exact same thing as Al Jefferson( Rebounding, good post skills, and bad post defense). I would describe Love as a poor man's Jefferson. I'm not sure that the the two of them playing together will be all that effective as they will take each other's baskets (espec offensive rebounds) and positioning on the block. When the two of them are in the game, the post D will be horrible, and an athletic big could destroy them. If this team had a core of Foye, Mayo ( splitting pg duties), Derozan, and Al Jefferson their future would be alot more promising. They should draft Derozan here and hope he develops as they are still a long way from contending, unless Randy Foye reaches his potential

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I think the wovles will go wwith high upside with that 6th pick

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i think wolves should grab

i think wolves should grab tyreke evans becuz he has pg skills n can guard the sg allowing foye to guard the pg position so this way foye can still play off the ball n not need to guard the sg position

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I also think that they have

I also think that they have to get Brandon Jennings or if James Harden falls that far.

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on my draft, i have them

on my draft, i have them taking Derozan first, and then taking Mills or a point guard that drifts like Holiday could.

With that they still get a legitimately talented PG since this draft has enough to make it to the 18th pick, and they get a star level talent in Derozan. I agree that this draft COULD turn out well for the wolves, but that is a big could, because Minnesota has a knack for blowing drafts.

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First off the trade between Mayo and Love won't be known for at least one more year, remember they gained Mike Miller who is a decent to good role player, and got rid of Marko Jaric.I well be the first to admit that Roy and Mayo would be an elite back court especially with Jefferson down low. As long as they don't trade their pick away it well be a better draft then any other draft decision. (other then KG of course)They need a PG badly however Jennings reminds me too much of Telfair, I think Derozan has more talent and has more on an NBA body and game, rarely does a fast flashy PG become something in the NBA.

I say draft Derozan and hope somehow a PG ends up @ 18.

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There will definitely be a

There will definitely be a good PG left at 18.

Rubio, Jennings, Evans, Holiday, Flynn, Curry, Lawson, Maynor, Collison, Mills, Teague. ONE of those 11 guys will be available at 18.

I agree. at 6 whoever is left of: Harden, Hill, DeRozan and then PG at 18 (or possibly trade up to take the PG of choice)

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Earl Clark then the point guard.

They should draft Earl Clark. Minnesota had Kevin Garnett there for so long. He is a similar player. He can play either power forward or small for which will give them added versatility. Then at the 18 spot there will at least be a backup point guard. Both Clark and Love are good shooters and with Al Jefferson in the middle they will have a similar offence and defence to the Magic this year. I call it a 2 combo forward offence when you have two 6'10" mobile lean good shooting forwards. They will dominate the boards and might even make the playoffs.

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I like the Earl Clark thing.

I like the Earl Clark thing. If i was the wolves i'd go for Derozen tho. I think they need an athletic player who can handle the ball. They really need a dynamic player. They do have the 18th pick so they can get a good point guard there. I would still like to see them get Earl Clark because personally i really dont think love is gonna do enough to help them win

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I think Love can be a solid

I think Love can be a solid player, he averaged nearly a double-double in his rookie season. But Love and Al together isn't good IMO. Both liabilities defensively

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I think that Maynor would be a good fit in Minnesota at 18!!

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wolves have to get some big

wolves have to get some big man and good pg. in my opinion minnesota will be trade some guys like M.Miller with some pick for higher pick and someone. they need sth like H.Thabeet but he goes higher than 6th. if this trade will be done that wolves grab pg with 18th pick. Maynor, Teague will be the best in this situation. but in other way this is my choices:

6. S.Curry (amazng shooter and he has very good passing and dribbling skills; he has good size for pg)
18. B.Mullens
28. S.Young (good defender)
45. B.Woodside (minneapolis guy with very good skils; another good playmaker for the wolves)
47. G.Suton (fundamental guy)

ps: sorry for my english ;)

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