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The Timberwolves want Turner more than anybody out there. I think Jefferson for the 2nd pick (Turner) and Dalembert.

The Wolves trade Sessions and the 23rd pick for the 8-12th pick to get X. Henry. Only if we get Cousins instead of Johnson.

The 76ers are very willing to trade Turner, especially for a post like Jefferson.

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There was an NBA "insider" on

There was an NBA "insider" on this afternoon on AM Talk Radio here in the Twin Cities that said that exact same trade is on the table from Philly, the 2nd and Dalembert for the 4th and Jefferson.

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That would be AMAZING

Get on that, Kahn!!! If that's true, that'd be awesome!

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I just dont see how Jefferson

I just dont see how Jefferson and brand complement each other!....shipping brand should be a concern for the sixers!

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If that happens I'll bet the

If that happens I'll bet the Wolves will throw in one of their late firsts. Philly will still want a pick, and should get one. Philly is not a strong enough team to go with out a 1st round pick. I imagine that the wolves will not mind this trade at all. If they get the 23rd they should be good. They might be able to take Sanders and make up for the loss of Dalembert in a year or two. The sixers were talking about playing Brand at C, while Young plays PF some this year (ref - Hoopshype), but Jefferson would be better considering he is bigger an healthier.

One more thing. If this trade goes through, and Brand returns some of his form like some believe he can the Sixers will be very dangerous in the paint with Brand, Big Al, Speights, Smith, and Sanders (if they get him). Their big concern then would be the development of Holliday. If he improves a lot since last year and becomes a facilitator this team could be very strong. The final issues would be

a) Where to play Iggy/Young. Does one come off the bench, or do the sixers sacrifice their deep shooting. If one gets traded, which one goes?

b) Where do they get their shooting from and if they play Kapono or Meeks (does anyone know if he is a strong defender) in the starting lineup at the 2/3 are they defensively vulnerable?

One of the big contract players will probably get moved if this all plays out, as the team would not be a contender and would have a lot of $$$ tied up in three players.

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T'Wolves Fans....STFU....

Your not Getting Turner for Less Than Then all your 1st rounders...Dalembert comes off the books next year...Big Al is not a Center and we have 3 guys that play PF...Brand,Speights and Thad...Not to Mention J.Smith...No Sam and the 2nd for Big Al and the 4th is not good enough either...We will take Turner unless u bend over and take a Steffanski sized ass pounding...Give us all the picks and we still might say no thanks, throw in Rubio....We Will Not Trade Turner for Less Than the 4th/16th and Ricky Rubio...Period...T'Wolves get Wes and Be &$#%#[email protected]! Happy....Cousins will belly flop Kaun if he picks him...

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From a Sixers fan

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