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Ricky Rubio won't stay in Minnesota, and some team will take a big chance on him. Why not trade Rubio for Turner because we NEED a 2 guard, not to mention he could take over the point sometimes. Or we could trade him and a pick or two for a defensive minded center. We could also trade Jefferson, he hasn't been performing well at all, he has been averaging around 17 points per game, but our best player has to be averaging at least 23 points per game. trade Jefferson and Rubio for Okefor and Collison. But they should not trade Love or Flynn. Love is averaging 15 pts. and 11 rbs. he almost gets as many points as Jefferson and almost 5 rebounds more than Al. Love is only going to get better at scoring too and is a solid post passer aswell. Everyone thinks Flynn is a bust. but he has potential out the wazoo! he can score get into the lane, pass, play very solid D, rebound, and he is very athletic and strong. if he had a good backcourt partner like Turner, Henry, Johnson, and some other players, he would be averaging 7-9 assists a game and would be able to score more often too. i think the t-wolves should trade Jefferson and their 23rd and if they have to 16th pick to get Cousins and number 5 pick.

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