Tim Hardaway Jr

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Tim Hardaway Jr

Hardaway was a great pick for new york, to me he is the most underated player in the draft, the Kawhi Leonard of this draft in terms of under the radar prospect, he can come right away and play, immediately to be an excellent role player, could make jr smith expendable, and i even see in him much more room to grow, even become a star... the Knicks got their next Allan Houston, count me on this!

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Not the pure shooter that

Not the pure shooter that Houston was but, like Houston, Hardaway has that ability to put the dagger in the opponent at crunch time

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Not that great of a shooter

Not that great of a shooter yet, if you look at a lot of the Michigan boxscores, 2/3'ds of the time it was Trey Burke putting up numbers with Hardaway shooting a low percentage and in 1/3 rd of the games it was the opposite. Tim has potential he's just not there yet to be a scoring option, let him develop first

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Tim Hardaway High/Low videos

A couple Game Videos High/Lows I just did for Hardaway more coming and a few more CJ Leslie 2.

vs Iowa

vs KSU

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