Tim Duncan Reportedly ‘Hates’ Kevin Garnett

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Tim Duncan Reportedly ‘Hates’ Kevin Garnett

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Is it a big surprise? I think

Is it a big surprise? I think a lot of people probably hate him for one reason or another. I for one have never been a fan of Garnett.

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I don't really think this is

I don't really think this is news. When KG was in Minny, he and Duncan hit into each other faces. I'm sure they respect each other but hate each other at the same time.

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Think the feeling is mutual

Have always been kind of on Timmy's side, but the article actually does not seem to be completely accurate on the head to head front. Timmy is 29-19 (23-17 regular season, 6-2 post season) against KG, with both having fairly similar statistics when playing the other:

Also love how Timmy "hates" KG when he all they have is secondary reports and him saying "define kinship", lol. Here is a little more from "Ball Don't Lie" and where SLAM took the little blurb about Duncan from Sports Illustrated:

lol, 21 Shades of Grey. Like the sexually driven popular novel 50 Shades of Grey! Get it? (It is pretty funny, actually, lol).

Other reports are that KG appears to be ultra competitive (duh) and I heard he cussed Timmy out in an elevator one All-Star weekend. Definitely seems that their personalities clash.

Found this little nugget also:

Now, much like the Charlie Villanueva "cancer" fiasco, I would assume Garnett's words were misrepresented or something to that extent (though it definitely made me believe saying someone is a "cancer" is pretty phucked up). But, the story goes that it was Mother's day and Timmy went to the FT stripe. KG than said to him:

Timmy's mother died of breast cancer when he was 14.

AGAIN: Unsubstantiated rumor and might (hopefully is not) true. The picture on its own is kind of hilarious with that caption. But, if KG did say this to Timmy, than I think "hate" might be warranted.

Wonder where they got the 44-17 number from, though. Because that does not seem to be, well, true. Still, Tim Duncan has gotten the better of his ornery rival more often than not. It is difficult to say which of the two is better right now, I think KG has been playing better as of late. Still, if the Spurs and Celts met in what would be David Stern's nightmare, would have to think Tim Duncan would at the very least hold his own. Plus, think KG should know that taunting Tim Duncan is counterproductive.

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