Tim Duncan the most under appreciated big we will ever have

Hopefully this will not be Duncan's last season after the Finals whether he wins or loses. It has always been an upheld battle between he and KG for being the best PF in the league. When discussion comes along, many people end up giving the slight edge to KG due to the fact that he is more athletically gifted and brings more appeal to the court. I don't want to bring up numbers between the two players, I just want to talk about facets of the game and what Duncan brings to it from a big man's standpoint.

Since Duncan has entered the NBA he has revolutionized the PF position immensely from the pick n' roll game to the bank shot that no other 4-man has mastered but him. With both his face-up jumper and turn around sky-hook being so effective, it makes you respect him even more if you're defending him because his game ranges all the way out to the three as a 7-footer. Although we take pride in his soft touch as a big man, what goes unnoticed is how above average his passing skills are on the block and in the high post.

When it's all said and done, I will be pleased to say I have had a chance to watch the greatest 4-man play the game for over 15 years plus.

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1st ballot hall of famer and

1st ballot hall of famer and the greatest PF of all time

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I feel like I have scene this

I feel like I have scene this thread before. Perhaps Duncan doesn't get the consistent national media attention of some other stars, but pretty much all the attention he gets is positive. Nobody ever says anything bad about Duncan and he is almost universally considered the greatest "power forward" of all time.

I'm not sure Duncan is really under appreciated, he just isn't talked about as much do to the consistency of the Spurs top players. The Spurs have changed a lot over the past 5 years, but they still have the same coach and top 3 players they had in 2007, which is more than any other team in the league can say. But few people deny Duncan's greatness or fail to acknowledge it when they mention him. No other star is as uncontroversially seen as great as Duncan.

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"I feel like I have scene

"I feel like I have scene this thread before."

Haven't seen one but this thread is just an utter of what Jalen Rose brought up not too long ago and I agree.

At one point and time KG was always brought up when Duncan's name got mentioned. I can guarantee we still would be hearing KG's name if Boston had not fallen off these last past couple seasons.

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I'll take KG. But it's

I'll take KG. But it's certainly a to-may-to/tom-ah-to thing.

Having those 2 plus Shaq. What an era for big men.

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I choose Duncan over Garnett

I choose Duncan over Garnett 10 times out of 10, which speaks volumes about Duncan because Garnett was once a generational talent and is still a very good player. Duncan was/is that great.

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Duncan's top 10 all time.

Duncan's top 10 all time. He's probably the equal to Hakeem amongst big men in NBA history, only trumped by the most legendary of centers.

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Greatest Power Forward of All

Greatest Power Forward of All Time..And a Top 15 All Time Player....

People that follow basketball know who he is..But if you poll some people on the street and ask who is Tim Duncan? Alot of them have never heard of him..Becuz he's not in many commercials,havent gotten into any trouble with the law and doesnt have an engaging personality...

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