Tiago Splitter

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Tiago Splitter

Yesterday he scored 26 points in 19 minutes. This season he is averaging 9 and 5, shooting over 60% and playing 19 minutes a game. His defense has been good, mainly because he is pretty agile for a big.

I know that even though its his second year he is 27 and is in his prime right now, but do you guys think he can be a starter in the NBA? Or is he more suited to an offensive big off the bench role?

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He can be a very solid

He can be a very solid starter in an nba team. He was so dominant in europe and now he has adjusted his game to the nba : learning from duncan and pop' playing for a very solid steady franchise... he has 5 good years to give to the spurs. He can see him as a 15-7 player in 30 min giving good defe and off awareness.

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He can definitely start on

He can definitely start on some NBA teams. I see a lot of centers with less skill than Tiago who start at their teams (Byron Mullens, Haywood etc. etc.), so why not Tiago. Problem for Tiago in SA is, that he has a living legend playing at his spot (I don´t see Blair as the starting center of the Spurs).

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He could definitely start on plenty of teams. I had a feeling that this year would be a big step up. It takes a lot of the foreign born guys some time to adjust to the faster and different NBA game, plus the more crammed schedule. The good teams are also able to take rookies and integrate them in slowly. I think if he was a starter somewhere else that he would definitely be putting up better looking numbers, but like most guys the Spurs get, they play within a team concept and he's definitely not going to get more touches than TD, Manu and Ginobli. I think his role will keep expanding with the Spurs. Even though he's older he has some really good years left, especially considering he has real skill to rely upon as he gets older.

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