Thunder trade up

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Thunder trade up

How much up Thunder can go if they offer 12th, 32th pick and Perry Jones?

Is this smart for them?

Which team would be interested for that?

I think they should pursue Cody Zeller. Thunder need inside scoring and who is better than him

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They had two rooks last year

They had two rooks last year they didn't play. I think they need a vet big guy who can score a bit and would be looking to trade for Gortat or possibly Hawes or Bargs.

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As a Suns fan I'd be happy to

As a Suns fan I'd be happy to trade Gortat for the #12 pick and maybe PJ3. Suns are in total rebuild mode and Gortat is 29. They need to start collecting young talent to build around and I think Steven Adams at #12 could be a big part of that along with whoever we get at #5, hopefully Oladipo.

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The Cavs should trade Varejo

The Cavs should trade Varejo for that.

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They could take a run at

They could take a run at Andrew Bynum too.

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I'd love to have a healthy Bynum in a Thunder uniform, but he's just too much of an injury risk.

Also another issue is his large contract, he's currently sitting at around 16m, about the only way the Thunder could match that would be to trade Perkins(7m) & resign/trade Kevin Martin(9-12m after resign). As much as I'd like to see Perkins shipped out of town, both Perkins & Martin seem like way too much for a guy who may get injured and not play an entire season(again). That would basically cripple the Thunder to be lucky to make it past the 1st round of the playoffs.

However, if he was able to stay healthy then I think the Thunder would be title favorites or at least equal with the Heat.

I'm not sure if Kevin Martin & Perk would fit in well with the Sixers though, but I suppose it would be a massive upgrade considering they've yet to get anything from Bynum. Plus to make this even work the Sixers would have to resign Bynum.

Kind of a big risk trade for both teams, so I don't see it happening.

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trade up

Yes I agree they need to try and trade up in the draft. If I'm them I would package the 12th pick and either PJ3 or Jeremy Lamb to move into the top 4 and select Victor Oladipo. He's such a good fit in OKC

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The problem with the Thunder

The problem with the Thunder is Perkins bloated contract. If there is any way that they can lose him, together with their 12th pick or P.Jones or Lamb for a decent C they should do it immediately. Someone like Jefferson would be perfect (especially with Ibaka providing help-side defense), but somebody like Varejao would be perhaps a cheaper option. Other option I thought up is Nene.

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i think this is a really key

i think this is a really key offseason for OKC- so many questions to answer:

1) Scotty Brooks has taken them so far- but repeatedly gets outcoached in the postseason. And what point do they cut ties?
2) They clearly made the wrong decision in choosing Ibaka over Harden. How do they get their extra scoring?
3) They've been proven to be a 2 man team in the losses to Memphis. So how many games do they sacrifice so that they can develop Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb?
4) How do they surround Westbrook and Durant with the talent they need to succeed? San An and Miami have done a great jon surrounding their stars with shooters that can play defense.

I don't think the answer is trading up, because as someone already said, they already need to develop Lamb and Jones as these guys could be huge for them. TBH, rather than a big like Gortat, I'd prefer a 3/4 that can knock down the 3 and play some D so OKC can go small. Someone in the Gerard Wallace/Danny Granger mould.

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