Thunder trade...

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Thunder trade...

They just went to the finals so i dont argue with staying pat with what they have.... but since they wont get back both ibaka and harden next year unless they amnesty perkins i was thinking, would they consider a Harden, Ibaka, Perkins for Dwight and Anderson?

Orlando gets young good cornerstones while OKC gets the best young big 3 in the NBA.

OKC lineup..


Sebolosha- Cook

Durant- PJ3

Anderson- Collinson

Dwight- Aldrich

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The Thunder already rejected

The Thunder already rejected a trade similar to this before the trade deadline, and Deight Howard only wants to sign a long term deal with Brooklyn, so no.

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zachb, maybe you can shed

zachb, maybe you can shed some light on this for me...DWill only wants to sign long term with Brooklyn or Dallas. Dwight only wants to sign long term with Brooklyn or Dallas. Although it is reported that Dwight has interest in one of the L.A. teams, I seem to remember hearing otherwise, that he actually doesnt want to sign long term with either.

I understand wanting to play in the larger markets...but if its true why doesnt he want to sign long term in Los Angeles? Also, above all of that, isnt the primary objective winning? Shouldnt he be wanting to play where he has the best chance to win?

I just dont like players attitudes today...I really dont. They could win and get paid if they would not worry about all this stuff and just play ball. The only ones out there like that are Kevin Durant (and Westbrook followed him in re-signing) and as much as people hate it, Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh. All 5 of those guys couldve gotten more money but they just chose to play basketball and form or keep together winning teams.

Really not sure what Dwight wants to do.

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This may be the first good trade idea

on here in like 6 months. But Howard wants a big city and wacthed Addidas give D Rose 250 million dollar contract. He will end up making twice as much on shoe deals as he will make in the league. That has to be the biggest factor for Howard. Personally this would be the best place for him to compete and win multiple championships. Dwight and KG can be passive at times and Westbrook will never be so its a great fit. How could anyone ever help over on a driving Westbrook if Dwight Howard is weak side tip dunk rebounding.

I think Golden State could offer Klay and Barnes, Bogut + Jeremy Tyler ( I know he still sucks but he might not forever and they get a starting center and a future one) and get a deal done now also.

Curry and Howard, thats star power, they wont win sh!t but they will be every 10 and under kids favorite team.

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Great trade if...

Dwight is willing to sign a long-term deal prior to making the trade. Ibaka/Harden is better than Orlando is likely to get offered from anyone else. But it would be a terrible deal if Howard is unwilling to sign a long-term deal with OKC.

Many think the Nets got a good deal trading Harris, Favors and two first rounders (became Kanter and the Warriors' pick next year). However, right now there's a very good chance DWill will be bailing on the Nets, making it a trade where the Nets gave up their future for a 1.5 year rental during a time they weren't even good.

If Howard is unwilling to extend before making the trade, I wouldn't risk my future if I were OKC.

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