Thunder sign Derek Fisher for remainder of the season

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Thunder sign Derek Fisher for remainder of the season

OKC just signed Fisher to fill the 3rd point guard spot after trading Maynor.
I don't think anybody expects him to be a better reserve than Eric but I can see the Thunder trying to find a role for him as a trainer or a secondary coach. He has tremendous experience but is 5 years off from beeing productive.

I always liked him as a player for beeing so gritty, beeing a fighter, a leader and as a person who can make the big shot but after he left the Utah, the Rockets and now the Mavs for family reasons, this excuse gets kind of beyond believe to me. I know his doughter had cancer and this alone is enough to ask a team for a release but this gets a bad taste if you do it three times.

What do you think, is his pickup worth a roster spot come playoff time or in the long run as an assistent for the Thunder?

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Fisher best days are long

Fisher best days are long GONE!! But his veteran savvy and experience will help this team alot in the 4th Quarter of some close games.

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Ugh. The main problem with

Ugh. The main problem with this is that Brooks will probably actually play Derek Fisher. You know, because of his experience. And Derek Fisher will also try to lead the team while on the court, because of his experience. So expect to see Derek Fisher in the playoffs, playing meaningful close game minutes and expect to see Derek Fisher calling his own number and getting up some shots. All while opposing PGs stare somewhat dumbfounded that a guy old enough to be their Dad and who wasn't that fast to begin with is being asked to guard them. Remember Lin dropping 38 on Fisher last year? You want to see what happens when Fisher a year later is asked to guard Tony Parker, CP3 or Ty Lawson? This will not be a good thing for the Thunder.

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huehueheahaehae. sad but true

huehueheahaehae. sad but true

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I love the thunder

I love the thunder, But Despise Fisher!

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I'm fine if he stays on the bench as an assistant coach type player, but like Tallman said I fear Brooks is going to overplay him. I just don't get it, Reggie Jackson has come along nicely, he may not be a clutch shooter like Fisher but he's about 5x faster, longer, and a better defender.

I loved Fisher in his prime, but if Thunder play him over Jackson then the Thunder are just asking teams to freely score upon them.

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