Thunder Over Mavs in 6 & How Good is Durant

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Thunder Over Mavs in 6 & How Good is Durant


PG Kidd is the savy vet from Cali/Westbrook is the New Model PG from Cali. Who wins this matchup Wits vs Sheer Explosive Fire-Power.Westbrook should have no problem getting to the rim & hitting his pull-ups. Adv=Westbrook

SG. DStevenson & Tabo are not there for more than 4-6 shots per game & to play stellar Defense. Adv=Even

SF. Not Even Close. KD

PF. Not Even Close. Dirk

C. TChandler

Bench= Mavs

Coach=Brooks. I like his personality more than Carlise. That is a huge factor when you consider the pressure of the playoffs.


Overall=Mavs have 1SuperStar/1 Star. The Mavs have 1 Star and a bunch of great role players. Durant/Wesbrook will take over this series.

2nd Topic. I know KD's work ethic is Legendary. His approach to Stardom is awesome. But on the court i need to watch him more to see how he impacts the game, because i have'nt seen him as much as the other stars. Can he carry a series, i mean take over a series (i.e DWade in Heat Championship Finals). Thats what i'm waiting for. He is a great person(from reading about him) & a great player. But take over this series and become Legendary.

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I think Dallas is going to

I think Dallas is going to win this series. I agree on OKC having another star, but the same goes for the ECF, where in game 1 the Bulls showed a better defensive team can win even if they have less *star* players. And Westbrook isnt in the Wade/Lebron class anyway. I think Dirk is going to have a huge series as well.

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jjonz, It looks like by your


It looks like by your estimation the Thunder win two matchups, the Mavs win two matchups and the Thabo/Stevenson matchup is a draw. But, you have the bench going to the Mavs. So I guess on on-court talent the Mavs win the tie breaker.

The Mavs have homecourt advantage so if this series goes seven games (which it might) I like the Mavs' chances in game 7 at home.

The Thunder have two superstars in Durant and Westbrook. The Mavs have one superstar in Dirk. Kidd is a star for the Mavs. Both two teams have a great sixth man. The Mavs have the better center combo (Chandler & Haywood vs. Perkins and Nazr). I like Serge Ibaka's shot blocking skills more than than Marion's more well-rounded game. But, Ibaka and the Thunder have to keep him off the offensive glass.

This is a great matchup. Another thing I want to see is an epic clash between Dirk and Durant. They might end up guarding each other too at some point. Could be the closest thing to Bird vs. Nique.

The point guard battle between Kidd and Westbrook will be fascinating. One of the best pure point guards ever versus one of the most athletic, if unorthodox, point guards ever (with Derrick Rose getting a slight edge over Westbrook). If Kidd can dominate the tempo, get Dirk his shots, and make big plays then the Mavs win.

Two great benches too. Terry, Peja, and Barea vs. Harden, Cook, and Maynor. A big stiff battle between Haywood and Mohammed (who are both playing well in their roles). If Brian Cardinal can get off the bench then Collison vs. Cardinal is another good matchup off the bench. Both scrappy, hard-nosed role players. ... Collison killed the Grizzlies with his great play in the last series. Cardinal killed the Grizzlies back in the day with his horrible contract and failing health. Advantage: PUSH

But, as a basketball fan and a student of the game what I really want to see is an epic duel between Dirk and Durant. An epic point guard duel between Rose and Westbrook the new kid, versus, uh, the old Kidd would be a great finals matchup. But this series needs to be a shoot out between Dirk and Durant.

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How good is Durant? He's a

How good is Durant? He's a great player, one of the best pure scorers in the league along with Dirk. The second best small forward behind LeBron but Durant is still getting better.

Durant is a top 5 or 6 guy in the league. Along with Rose they should be the future of the league. Both are getting better and both are young. Those two guys along with Dwight Howard are the three players that EVERY team in the league would trade for.

My top six players now: Rose, LeBron, Wade, Durant, Howard, Dirk. Just take your pick among those guys. But if you are building for the future Durant is one of the guys you want along with Rose and Howard.

Durant's upside is a cross between Kobe and Dirk along with some LeBron thrown in there (freak athlete, great finisher, shot blocking skills, good handles for a small forward). If he develops a killer instinct and closing skills along with making his teammates better then he will be up there in the MJ and Bird range. I doubt that his court vision will ever be on Larry Bird's level, but it should improve and his assists will probably go up.

Rose's upside is a cross between Isiah Thomas and MJ.

These two guys should be trading MVP awards and NBA titles back and forth for the next decade.

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I think they will win this series. They are more experienced and can execute better in the half court, as we saw with how long it took the Thunder to adjust to the Grizzlies' aggressive defense on Durant. Dirk is in line for a huge series, and Westbrook has struggled against the Mavs in the past. Both teams should be able to score, but the Mavs are the team that will hit more threes and get more good shots. The Mavs are less reliant on individual performances, but still have Dirk for when they struggle to get good shots, and I think that will help them win close games and execute down the stretch.

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The mavs bench is

The mavs bench is astronomically better than okc's... they have peja, jason terry, brewer, barea, haywood, beaubouis could be a good fit in this series if it becomes a track meet. dallas bench has the ability to not only keep the team in the game when the starters go out, but even extend leads and it allows for momentum. okc isnt experienced enough to handle dallas at this point and i feel dirk is more unguardable than KD. hes shooting above 60% in these playoffs and has done it against all kinds of different defensive looks. dallas in 6 maybe even 5

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Mavs in 5

I just think that they take this series down. They are much more savvy, more proven and playing better together than any other team out there. They are playing good defense as well, which makes them tougher than they have ever been.

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I don't think this will be

I don't think this will be much of a series. Every up and coming young team has to take it's lumps and bumps, and OKC hasn't taken enough of them yet. Dallas in five.

This is Dallas' year to get back to the Finals and I think they have a great chance to win it.

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dallas in six,and btw kidd isnt star player kidd is a living legend !

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Terry is a better scorer than

Terry is a better scorer than Harden.

Carlisle is a more experienced coach than Brooks.

Dallas has the advantage at every position if you include the bench as well.

Kidd and Barrea are better than Westbrook and Maynor.

Mavs in 6 but if OKC loses Game 2 its over in 5.

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This thread should be named

This thread should be named "Dirk over all Thunders in 4 games"

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