The thunder have some decisions

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The thunder have some decisions

I would absolutely love for my thunder to sign millsap this year. I thought it was going to be impossible but sense okur, boozer, and korver all stayed they have a pretty good chance. but should they sign him or go after some big men in next years draft? ed david, aldrich, greg monroe. there are some good ones to be had. what do you guys think they should do?

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They need the Birdman. He would make that team so much more fun to watch. Heck... get em both.

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Milsap isn't worth all that

Milsap isn't worth all that money he is asking for. Get some big men in next years draft. I think the Thunder should sign somebody cheaper like Brandon Bass or Glen Davis. Also signing Gerald Green is certainly worth the risk. If they sign Milsap to a huge deal that would be a bad mistake.

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Derrick Favors

They get him they are the most athletic team in a while!!!!! Then trade a couple second rounders get Solomon ALabi. Then you will have BJ and him, battling for a position will make them both better. BOOOM there is your team of the future.

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Change your jersey design

Change your jersey design and color. Looks like a D-League jersey.

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Thunder moves...

As if Blazers jerseys are overly creative either. Oh look a red line & a black line. Anyways, Millsap is not a good deal in my opinion, they offered him way too much and he would throw off the rotation. Don't get me wrong he's awesome but it just doesn't seem to fit the roation, it would most likely bump Jeff Green to 6th man and that's not going to work well with our "young core of 3". I also heard they're after Gerald Green, which again makes no sense due to the massive amount of wing players we already have.

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he would fit in wit okc but

he would fit in wit okc but not for his asking price

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agreed, maybe he shood come off the bench or somethin'

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