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Ok, so they just signed Harden and Mullens, which everyone knew, but they also signed Ibaka as well... How do you see their depth chart? Who are starters 6th men and what not? Here's my opinion

PG Westbrook
SG Harden (maybe start Sefolosha at the beginning of the season)
SF Durant
PF Green
C Krstic

Bench (in depth)
PG Livingston, Atkins, Watson
SG Sefolosha, Weaver, Wilkens
SF Mason (if resigned) and Green after starting at the 4
PF Collison, White, Ibaka?
C Mullens, Ibaka?

Ok so other questions. First of all would you put Ibaka at the 4 or the 5? Should White be before Collison? And Should Sefolosha start at the beginning of the season? sorry for all of these questions guys just want your opinions...

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I want to first say i love

I want to first say i love this team with Westbrook, Harden, Durant, and of course Green. They are going to be a nasty combination in the future, and probably my favorite team now lol.
1. I think Ibaka is more of a 4 with his size and game, but with depth concerns may play some 5? Because if Kristic is not healthy Mullens and Ibaka are both not ready to start. Maybe you could start Collison at Center if injuries do occur, hopefully not and Kristic comes back in same form when he was with the Nets pre-injury, which is likely not to happen..Praying they sign some veteran for center or anything down low and get some deal done, because this is their biggest weakness....dont want to see inconsistent Mullens going for like 15 and 8 one night then go like 0 and 3 another night..
2. White is doing great in summer league, but thats Summer League. I hope a lot of that carries over this season, i love D.White but Collison is probably going to get the go ahead over him, because of experience. Im hoping DJ White gets the benefit of the doubt and goes above him, because I think he may become that force down low that they need in PF position, because honestly Green is not a natural PF he is more suited for a SF. BUT Green has been doing a great job at the 4 spot and creates huge mismatches, but we shall seeeeee.
3. Harden should get the start, hes doing great in Summer League, even though hes playing against inferior competition. Hes doing great without control of the ball and is able to create on his own with or without the ball. He just simply adds more offensive game then Sefolosha and plays solid D. Sefolosha plays great D but lacks the O. Harden is going to be a great complimentary player to both Westbrook and Durant.
Just scary nightmare in the future at backcourt... Westbrook, Harden, Durant. Westbrook and Harden hopefully score around the 16-20ppg, and Durant around 25-30 ppg. I believe if Westbrook can be that PG, this team will be the future. If he can keep things under control and keep the offense going, hello playoffs soon.

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If i was trying to make the team improve not make the playoffs

I would start B.J. Mullens and next year they could be up to a 5th seed or maybe 4th lock it

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Hahahaahahha no way...BJ

Hahahaahahha no way...BJ Mullens will be lucky to be the 3rd string Center. If he starts for the Thunder this year they will have a top 3 pick in the 2010 draft I promise you.

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4th or 5th seed

come on the sonics or at least 2 more seasons away from even making the playoffs.

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You would be surprised how

You would be surprised how much this team will improve...
I think they have a legit chance at the 8 spot next year...
They even improved last season....
After starting off 3-28 last season...
The rest of the season they went 20-31....
Stilll, nothing to brag about but a huge improvement...
They are a young talented team that will only get better and better....
Durant will be an all-star next year...
And WestbrOok and Green will be very good...
Harden has a shot at ROY...
You would be surprised....

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I really like Sefolosha as a glue guy coming off the bench and providing D, he's an underrated player and when you are building a team, someone who is willing to come off the bench and play defense and provide hustle plays is really important, plus Harden and Durant have so much offense between the who of them, a defender at SG/SF off the bench is a plus

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