Thubde VS Nuggetts: Are the Thunder Cocky?

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Thubde VS Nuggetts: Are the Thunder Cocky?

GKarl said that the Thunder are a Cocky bunch & that SBrooks is pretty cocky. Did GK write a check that his players can't cash? I wonder if KD & Russ will use this as extra-motivation to Sweep Denver. Stars & SStars shine in the Playoffs & Thunder have a Star & a SuperStar.

Thunder 98 Durant 39/6brds Westbrook 27/14 assts

Nuggetts 89 DGalanari 26

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the one thing about OKC is if

the one thing about OKC is if either durant or westbrook doesnt show up, they're screwed...unlike the lakers where if pau gasol only goes for 12 pts, odom and bynum will pick it up and so will kobe

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I wouldn't knock off the

I wouldn't knock off the nuggets completely....They have balanced scoring, balanced Defense, Gallo has been going to the line other than settling for jumpers, K-Mart has shown some maturity an has accepted the leader role, They're bench is packed with Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington, and Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson has shown he can run this team. The only problem for me is the injuries they have had over the past few weeks (Lawson, Afflalo, Gallo). If these guys are not healthy...then i can say the thunder will sweep. And the Thunder rightfully so have the right to be cocky. After the Lakers' championship window closes for good, I believe they will be the best team in the west for years to come.

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There have been a lot of

There have been a lot of people saying it's going to be a close race in the west, but I really don't see it. On the other hand, this is the only series that I can see going 7 in the West with OKC winning. The Nuggets need this first game for their confidence.

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I think Thunder take the series. I believe the Nuggets are typically a much better team without Melo, but this might be a team where Melo would have been really handy against. I agree that the one thing the Thunder really have to worry about is if someone doesn't show up, but with that said they have a really tough defense. I see Westbrook being a complete mismatch for thier point guards. He's too big and strong for them and also quick enough to stay in front of either one. Any combination they decide to throw at Durant shouldn't work. I believe that Thabo can take any of their perimeter guys out of the game and that Perkins will completely negate Nene. Ibaka and Collison can handle Birdman and Martin. I'm going Thunder in 5. Has nothing against how well Denver has been playing, but they ran into the wrong team and Karl knows it.

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