Throwback Shaq Interview (Uncensored)

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Throwback Shaq Interview (Uncensored)

Sad to see someone with a legacy such as Shaq retire, not only was he an amazingly talented basketball player but was a guy who liked to have fun and really spoke his mind. I was on youtube and came across this video where the Lakers beat the Raptors by one point in the 2003-2004 season and when asked about the officiating of the game which frustrated Shaq, he curses on national television, this is uncensored.

idk if the embed video will work but if not here is the link

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One of my fav Shaq videos.

One of my fav Shaq videos. "David Stern wonder why the league losing money - that's why. People pay good money to watch these athletes play and they try to take over the [email protected](!ng game" - Shaq was one of the last players who was willing to take a fine to speak the truth. I wish fans would stop sitting around wondering why the NBA isn't as good as it use to be and demand David Stern step down. It wouldn't matter who was the commissioner during his tenure, Magic, Bird, Jordan etc built the NBA where it is today, Stern didn't but he gets credit for it and thats why this ass has a job. There was never a problem with the NBA, why did he decide it needed changes?

I'm gonna miss Shaq, hopefully people remember him for the guy he was who took over the league and dominated when Jordan retired, not the shell of his formal self that jumped from team to to team trying to earn one more ring the past few years.

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