Three Team Trade Idea(Was/NO/CHI)

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Three Team Trade Idea(Was/NO/CHI)

Chicago Receives
Eric Gordon

Washington Receives
Ryan Anderson
Austin Rivers

New Orleans Receives
Luol Deng

Why it makes sense for Chicago: We've all heard the potential Deng trade rumors, with the emergence of Jimmy Butler proving that he can do many of the same things Deng does while being a younger/cheaper option, plus the drafting of Jimmy Butler, it would be awfully enticing to finally bring together the duo people have been clamoring for in Rose and Gordon.

Why it makes sense for Washington: Nene as good as he can be doesn't really fit well into the Wizards philosophy. John Wall has been adamant about getting a pick and pop 4 and Anderson is one of the best in the league at that. Plus they get Austin Rivers to backup Beal.

Why it makes sense for New Orleans: The signing of Tyreke Evans creates a logjam at SG and Eric Gordon seems to be disposable especially with his contract. Ryan Anderson on the other hand while he is great him and Anthony Davis simply can't succeed together in the long run. This trade brings them an elite defensive SF and a very solid veteran big bodied center. A lineup of Jrue Holiday/Tyreke Evans/Luol Deng/Anthony Davis/Nene is most definitely not one to take lightly.

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Very good deal for the most

Very good deal for the most part. Definitely think it could help everyone but I still wouldn't do it if I'm Chicago. Butler and Deng can play together and you already have way too many injury issues as it is with Rose, Boozer, and Noah so adding another injury prone player could destroy you if the trade backfires. Other than that one of the better trade ideas you will see on here.

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I actually think Chicago

I actually think Chicago would benefit from this the most. I also like this trade to New Orleans because Anthony Davis wouldn't have to play center and a Tyreke-Deng combination is better than a Tyreke-Gordon combination as neither of the are true small forwards. Washington doesn't get a bad player in Ryan Anderson either. Really nice trade idea.

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Very good idea. I do think

Very good idea. I do think New Orleans gives up the most here. I know it would be clearing a logjam, but giving up Eric Gordon (20 PPG scorer when healthy, still young), Ryan Anderson (low matinence 16/7 guy) and Austin Rivers (10th pick last year, still has upside) for Nene & Deng, both of whom are older then any of those three guys and have had some injury troubles lately themselves, Hornets get great fits but give up a bit too much for too little. I think they should get a bit more value back, at least a draft pick here or there or a decent young asset from someone.

Still, better then most trades I see here, i'll give ya a +1 for that. Also, you said "the drafting of Jimmy Butler", I believe you meant Tony Snell, giving them a third SF, correct?

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If you just take out austin

If you just take out austin rivers and replace him with a second round pick, it is pretty fair. ryan anderson would fit great with john wall, then they would have emeka at center and seraphin as a third bigman

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Bravo a smart well thought

Bravo a smart well thought out trade idea. I esspecially love it for NO.

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As a Bulls fan I wouldn't

As a Bulls fan I wouldn't want to trade Deng for Gordon. Gordon has too much injury risk. They are in a good position with their wings right now anyways. Deng/Butler/Dunleavy/Snell....that's a good mix.

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This is one of the better

This is one of the better trade ideas posted here. I like it for Washington definatly. Both other teams would do okay, but:

- I don´t know if Chicago would want any part of Gordons injury history (the upside is huge though!)
- I don´t know if New Orleans really would swallow the Nene contract just to swap Gordon for Deng

It is a nice idea and if Chicago decides to swing for the fences they could consider a move like this...

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Please tell me Dell Demps

Please tell me Dell Demps reads forums

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for any small issues a person

for any small issues a person has with the trade this is still the most sensible, well-thought out trade I've seen suggested here in ages

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Would Bulls fans like it more

Would Bulls fans like it more if they put Seraphin in there as well

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Very good trade idea! The

Very good trade idea! The only problem I have with this is that I'm not sure Chicago wants to have a backcourt with two players who just had serious knee injuries and are earning both max or near max money. I'm also sure there would be some draft picks involved but I like it a lot for all of them.

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Like it for DC

It would be nice to get out of Nene's cap number. If Washington makes the playoffs or is close, it gives them more flexibility to go after a bigger name next summer.

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Well thought out....excellent return for the Wiz for Nene .... especially id Rivers stops reading his clippings and plays to his potential....think the Wiz may have to throw in some more assets

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How do the Wizards get away

How do the Wizards get away with this? I mean, Nene for Rivers and Anderson both? I'm trying to find the discrepancy somewhere but it looks pretty fair. Not sure NO would do this, though.

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