Three team trade idea (Cavs, Pistons and 76ers)

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Three team trade idea (Cavs, Pistons and 76ers)

Cavaliers receive: Greg Monroe & Spencer Hawes

Pistons receive: Evan Turner, Tristan Thompson & first round pick from Sacramento via Cleveland

76ers receive: Dion Waiters, Kentavious Caldwell Pope, Tony Mitchell, future first round pick from Cavs & Orlando 2014 second round pick.

Why cavs do this: They've tried to land both LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love but where unsuccessful. Greg Monroe is a good player and would fit our team. Hawes would be a great back up for Bynum.

Why pistons do this: They get some solid players for Monroe that fit their team.

Why 76ers do this: To get younger and more draft picks. I don't think they need any more first round picks for now...

Other players could be added as well. Thoughts?

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Every team is giving up a

Every team is giving up a lot, but they are also receiving a lot when you break it down. There are lots of moving pieces in this deal so it is a lot to take in. Cavs are giving up the most, but they are also receiving the most talented player involved. Pistons are getting quite a haul for a player that might leave in FA at the end of the year anyway and there pieces do not currently fit at the moment and teams know they need to make a move. Sixers seem to be getting too much in return for Turner and Hawes..... maybe let the Cavs keep their pick. Interesting idea though

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I actually don't hate this...

The Cavs and Pistons get better and the '6ers get worse. They would definitely want the pick though. And in reality the only team I see saying yes is Cleavland. I Don't think the Pistons give up on KCP so early to replace him with Waiters, makes no sense, though I think Turner would be a good fit in motor city.

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Evan Turner would be a good fit at sg. However, that still leaves josh smith at sf, which I believe that experiment is a fail. Tristian Thompson would be at pf and Andre Drummond have practically the same skill set (need to be around the basket to score, but defense will improve).. so spacing will still be somewhat of an issue.Also, I would rather see Josh Smith at Pf than thompson. Also, I agree the pistons shouldn't part ways with KCP yet, because he so far their defensive player..and his offense is coming along (I still think his shot is overrated.) Not bad, but I just think the pistons could get a better offer. As for the Cavs, they could be good. But I doubt they'll trade with someone in their conference.

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How about this variation of a trade with these three teams.

Sixers: vilanueve and Cleveland's 2014 pick

Pistons: evan turner, varejao

Cavs: Monroe

The scope is a bit smaller and more realistic IMO.

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Cavs would have to give

Cavs would have to give Monroe an extension at the end of the season though, but if that's what they want then go for it.

Pistons would be the most intriguing though, at least to me. Would Turner play shooting guard? They'd be pretty damn big with Drummond-Varejao-Smith-Turner-Jennings, but Smith could also go back to playing the 4.

Either way, I kind of want to see this haha

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D amn its sad what they must think about Bennett if they pull this trade off rt

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