Thoughts on my Final Mock Draft?

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Thoughts on my Final Mock Draft?

I'm locking it in. Post general feedback/thoughts on my picks on my final mock with explanations of what you like or don't like. This draft was the hardest to predict in recent memory with even the #1 overall pick unclear, but I'm content with my picks and thought I'd post my final mock to see what the forum thinks for a final general consensus. Should be an exciting night as we finally see the thing unfold. Thanks and good luck to everyone in the Mock Draft Contest.

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hey man, I really like it

hey man, I really like it some comments:
Nogueira is much more ready and hyped then Gobert and I think he'll go before Gobert.
Wojnarowski just tweeted that Suns red flagged Noel's knee dont know if true just wanted to inform you.

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That's not what i want personally, but i have the same exact top 10, so i suppose you're a genious, man....

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