Thoughts on Lakers @ Warriors

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Thoughts on Lakers @ Warriors

This was a crazy game... So many thoughts. Lakers win 118-115 in OT.

The return of Steve Nash:

- He's going to help the Lakers. The guy just gets it. He's got to get his conditioning down, but he's really going to help make Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard better, while also getting the ball to open shooters. He really is the key to this Lakers team.

- Defensively, he's going to be a problem. He got his ass ate up tonight by basically whoever he defended.

Here's why I love and hate Kobe Bryant at the same time:

- I love Kobe because *NOTHING* hurts his confidence. He could miss 20 straight shots and still take the next one. His belief in himself is impeccable.

- I hate Kobe because he shoots too much lol. He shot 16-41 tonight. YES... 41 shots!

- I love Kobe because he's clutch. He made big shot after big shot tonight.

- I hate Kobe because he takes too difficult of shots in the clutch lol.

- I hate Kobe because he takes off on defense and doesn't pay attention.

- I love Kobe because overall, dude is just an amazing player.

The refs sucked:

- Other than a few plays, every benefit of the doubt call went against the Lakers. Kobe didn't attempt one earned free-throw, despite getting beat up. Howard got beat up all game, but got no calls, while being whistled for just about every touch. Frustrating to watch.

Dwight Howard:

- He was in foul trouble all game, BUT he made some big free-throws and made excellent passes out of the double team tonight.

Ron Artest:

- He brought his A+ game tonight at both ends. He made big shots and played within himself.

Pau Gasol:

- Nash will really help his game, but he's got to be aggressive.

Jordan Hill:

- D'Antoni needs to make sure he plays. He makes a difference and he's a better player than he was in New York.

Jarret Jack

- This guy was amazing all night long. The Hornets gave this guy away for nothing just to play a rotation of Greivis Vasquez, Brian Roberts and Austin Rivers at the point?

Stephen Curry

- He choked when the game got tight. Bad shots and turnovers. I'm not buying him as an MVP candidate or an All-Star.

Klay Thompson

- This guy can't defend period. Disappointed in his play.

David Lee

- The Warriors went away from him late, but this guy is a very good player. IF any Warrior deserves an All-Star bid, it's him.


I think this was a great win for the Lakers. This could be that win they need to really turn things around. I like the Warriors too. They should be a playoff team this year, especially if Andrew Bogut can get out there.

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Jarret Jack best backup PG in

Jarret Jack best backup PG in the league by a long shot!

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I think Bledsoe holds that

I think Bledsoe holds that title. Although, Jack has been quite good offensively his defense has a lot to be desire.

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two things that really get my

two things that really get my hopes up as a laker fan right now is dwight making ft's (around 70% last 4 games) and jordan hill getting playing time. I love me some jamison points, but lakers dont need more points, they need the hustle and second shot opportunities jordan provides. Pls he aint bad on O either. Very happy right now.

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Kobe taking 41 shots and only

Kobe taking 41 shots and only hitting 16??? Mother of god, I ask myself who can shoot that many times without a conscience for his other teammates, then I realize it's Kobe Bean Bryant. Seriously tho it looks as if the lakers only way of winning is to win in a shootout rather than shut the other team down.

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To think, if LeBron or Durant

To think, if LeBron or Durant put up 41 shots in a game, they'd easily get a 50-60 point game out of that.

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probably they would get 50 or 60

Kobe at that stage of his career got 81... just sayin

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Someone needs to hold Kobe

Someone needs to hold Kobe accountable, that being said l, he got fouled a whole bunch and refs didn't call it.

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Kobe shot 41 times and only

Kobe shot 41 times and only shot one free throw? Seems almost impossible to do that.

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