Thoughts on the Knicks game

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Thoughts on the Knicks game

What are your guys thoughts about how the New York Knicks looked in their season opener?To me they looked like a very deadly team from deep, and they may have one of if not the deepest bench in the east. They all looked solid on D especially melo, and will only get better once Iman Shumpert gets back.

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Looks like everyone made

Looks like everyone made 3s......

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They looked good......

Just have major doubts of them keeping it up. They are old as all get out. For the defense they did play, also think Miami just had a God awful game on both ends of the court. Would not read too much into this, though it has to make Knicks fans happy to see them play this well. Miami's perimeter defense was at just about as much of an All-Time low I have seen since the beginning of regular season 2010. Give the Knicks credit, but lets see what they look like at game 60.

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I agree with Mikey. Can they

I agree with Mikey. Can they keep up the performance over the course of 82 games? But other than that, they looked great, especially the perimeter players. Jason Kidd was the unsung hero of the game. He drove in the paint to draw double teams and kicked it out to open shooters. Melo was being Melo and the Heat played liked they partied all last night.

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The reasons I'm excited is

The reasons I'm excited is the Knicks didn't necessary play over their heads. Brewer, Thomas, Chandler, Felton, and especially Carmelo all played their roles well. They moved the ball, and played hard defense. This is a matter of Chandlers vocal leadership and Woodsons insistance that defense be played. JR Smith, Kidd, and Pablo give the Knicks a stable of ball handlers and the number of players wont necessitate big minutes for most of the older players. I worry primarily about Kurt Thomas given Camby and Amare's health, but the Knicks seem content, and able, to play small ball with Camelo at the 4.

Also, Carmelo seems as motivated as he's ever been in his career. The Olympics conditioned him and got him practice against the best in the world, and he came into camp ready to dispell the notion that he selfish, that he can't play defense, and most importantly, that he can't be the primary piece of a winning team. I expect to see the best season Melos had this year, because he seems pretty driven to do just that.

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As long as

The Knicks maintain their defensive intensity and ball movement they can maintain this

People think Miami took the night off, at the end of the day you're a pro and want to win

21 TO's, 13 offensive rebounds they got beat

James played hard, Battier, Wade, Bosh all played hard.

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The Knicks are an old team

The Knicks are an old team but with a deep bench they can keep Camby, Thomas, Sheed all fairly fresh and the top guys need not play huge minutes. Plus the experience will be great in tight games dow the stretch. I'm not going to start jumping on any Knicks bandwagon but they should have their best season since 2001 and be a comfortable play off team.

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Not So Fast My Friend

I'm a Knicks fan and as much as I'd like to be encouraged by this, I really can't be. There was a unique emotional situation with Superstorm Sandy. The Knicks were lights out from beyond the arc plus that wasn't trademark Miami Heat defense. Plus I believe the Heat lost this game before they even got to New York. They didn't feel like they should have been playing that night and it obviously showed.

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