Thoughts on Jamine Greedy Peterson

Jamine "Greedy" Peterson was considered a walking double double averging 20pts 10rebs in the bigeast conferencejust last year. He took his talents over seas to Europe where in a sense pretty much didnt fit his style of play. So returning to the states Greedy Peterson landed in Albuquerque New Mexico where he is now playing for the New Mexico Thunderbirds. Peterson is averging 12pts an 5rebs playing only 20 mins a game. Just his second game as a Thunderbird he hauled in 21pts and 8rebs and the following game 28pts 11rebs. The only draft eligible player in the d league Greedy Peterson is grabbing attention from tons of NBA Scouts and recieving loads of feed back. He is what you consider a very underrated small foward but has a chance to change that come draft time. Peterson plans on entering the 2011 NBA Draft and becoming the first player ever drafted in the first round by a NBA team.

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I love Greedy he shouldve

I love Greedy he shouldve been most improved player in the big east last yr. He is a flat out amazing athlete who can also step back and hit the three. I dont think he will be that good as an NBA player especially because of his lack of size and defense and he is not as effective in the halfcourt as he is in transition.

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