Thoughts if this trade happened?

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Thoughts if this trade happened?

After you give me a thumbs down, explain your reasoning, I really want to see other point of views on this.

New York Knicks get:
Steve Nash
Hakim Warrick
Channing Frye

Phoenix Suns get:
Anthony Randolph
Eddy Curry
Landry Fields
Raymond Felton

The Suns are looking to get younger or dump salaries. They can dump Curry's contract and they get young players in Randolph, Fields, and Felton to work with while they make their changes. The Knicks become better instantly with an offensive center off the bench, an energy guy in Warrick, and Steve Nash.

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itd be interesting to say the

itd be interesting to say the least.

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If it did happen, I would cry

If it did happen, I would cry myself to sleep every night and have nightmares of the nash-Amare pick and roll in NY uniforms instead of Suns uniforms. After a month long depression, I would swallow my pride and jump on the Knicks bandwagon. But enough already, lol. The Suns do need to rebuild soon and this would be an ok route to go. We give Nash another opportunity and the run-n-gun would have another shot at the title. This trade would instantly turn the Suns into one of the worst teams in the league, and Knicks one of the best in the league. The rebuilding process would be a lot quicker if we traded Nash, then if he retires on us. I would love to see Nash win a ring before he retires though.

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Good trade but I wouldn't

Good trade but I wouldn't trade Fields and Felton has been playing fine no need to trade him, his defense is better than Nash's. Can the Knicks really afford to take a step back on defense.

Nash will be too old by the time the Knicks are an elite team.

I don't think the Suns are looking to trade Channing Frye anyway.

I think its time to trade for Mello, not becaz they'll be an elite team with him. Orlando most likely won't be trading for him. If the Knicks can get him for a package of Gallo, Curry and a 1st rounder or Randolph I'd def. make the deal. At this point I'm not sure what Denver is looking for back for Mello. If they did trade for Mello they could sign him to an extension and keep Wilson Chandler. Also they would be able to use their mid level exception in the offseason.

A lineup of Felton, Fields, Chandler, Mello and Amare would be a very good starting 5.

Off the bench Douglas, Rautins, Azubuike, Williams, Turiaf, Randolph and Mozgov.

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No this trade is bad for New

No this trade is bad for New York because Felton is playing out of his mind right now and is doing more then just getting the job done. Him and Amare have developed great chemistry and Felton really looks like he is just hitting his prime finally under D;Antoni and has gotten better each game. Felton is looking like a 20 and 10 point guard.

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absolutely terrible for NY

absolutely terrible for NY for many reasons...

first, felton is playing better than nash right now.. plus hes younger..

second, why would they give up on a chance to sign carmelo by trading curry when they downgrade their team doing it?

third, i completely believe that they havent given up on anthony randolph, i just dont think he fits in with their gameplan whatsoever...

this would never happen

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I dunno unless he puts enough

I dunno unless he puts enough weight on to play center with Chandler and fields playing so well i really don't think Randolph is a fit in New York.

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Amar'e would be pissed...the

Amar'e would be pissed...the trade don't make sense any way.

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Lets be real here: even

Lets be real here: even though Felton is playing out of his mind he is still not better than Nash. Right now Nash is 11th in the league in PER at 23.81, ahead of Gasol, Amare, Durant, Rose and Melo.

Felton is 42nd, right behind Shannon Brown.

He might be the superior defender but he's not a better basketball player. Nash is still arguably the best shooter in the league and he' still averaging 10 apg, and that doesn't tell half the story. Felton is good, but not Nash good.

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im not trading two young studs for an old nash

ray felton is playing fantastic and i love landry fields short term imo this trade is ok for the knicks but long term it would look very bad becuase of felton and fields both being good young players on the melo front wouldnt denver demand chandler be in the trade i could see even though i love his game using chandler as the center piece along with currys expiring contract to get melo

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Its not terrible but both sides have decent arguments against it.

Suns fans would drink themselves to death watching Nash and Amar'e in the Eastern playoffs. Nash is also the only reason that many fans go to games in Phoenix so trading him would create a huge decline in attendance and ticket sales. They would probably want more than just a couple of good, but not great players.

The Knicks, as mentioned before, wouldn't want to ruin their chance with Melo. Also, wouldn't they just be recreating the same Phoenix team as last year that did not make the Finals? Fields and Felton are also good bargains for what they are being paid for and are young.

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So you think Phoenix would

So you think Phoenix would give away Steve Nash and two rotation players for two rotation guys and two non-rotation guys? With the massive collection of average small forwards Phoenix has, why would they want to add Fields and Randolph? They aren't better than what the Suns have.

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They way Felton and Fields

The way Felton and Fields have played i doubt they get traded for an aging Steve Nash. Also i think they keep Curry's contract expiring contract intell season end (enless something they cant refused comes up like Melo)

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Why trade Felton when he is

Why trade Felton when he is having his best year yet? And besides Nash does not want to leave Pheonix

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the knicks

arent going to trade anybody right now unless its for melo. they have a solid young core that has been playing great together.. nash, IMO, is not worth disturbing that chemistry. i would hang myself as a knick fan if this trade. especially if the only got frye and warrick

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