Thoughts on the Hawks

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Thoughts on the Hawks

First enough with all the Josh Smith knocks besides some bone headed shots he had a very good series against the bulls.

Number Two Jeff Teague has arrived. Im looking forward to seeing him get more playing time. Still has to become more aggresive offensively.

Jamal Crawford had a sub par series and i dont think Atlanta resigns him with some of their salary cap restrictions.

Al Horford kinda disapeared in this series. I look for more elite levels from him. Demand the Ball Al.

Joe Johnson okay offensively but this guy needs to play some D. It seems like he put forth no effort.

Zaza had a nice series.

Marvin Was a dud. Hawks should look to dump him.

Other than that the Hawks were okay at times but frustrate the Hell out of you when they settle for jumpers.(it's not just Smith All the HAwks players shoot way to many Jumpers)Attack the Basket.

I look forward to what they will do going forward. They don't have a first round pick but they do have some Stashed away players in Europe but i dont know how they will pan out.

Larry Drew had an Okay season. (They didnt get swept in the playoffs.) but their is still aways to go.

Lastly Rose really destroyed the Hawks.

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