Thoughts on Earl Clark anyone...

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Thoughts on Earl Clark anyone...

What does the community think of Earl Clark? Always liked him at Louisville but once he got in the league and saw how he played in the few chances given I def thought he'd be a bust. Hes changed my opinion this month tho going fron gettng 5-8 min on a good nite and doing nada to A) being the guy getting the extra minutes due to injuries which is still earned in practice not just handed out and B) with those 30ish minutes a game hes been averaging about 11 pts 10 rb (not counting the first game of the month where he played 1 minute) on a solid fg %. So what does everyone think of the dude?

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I didn't expect him to become

I didn't expect him to become a star because he is a 6'11 player that had it in his mind that he is a SF. He is a great athlete for a PF, but for sf he doesn't have the handles, foot and hand speed to stay with anyone. I think Perry Jones career will likely mimic his career.

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Product of the D'Antoni

Product of the D'Antoni system. Plus the guy is getting WIDE OPEN looks off of Kobe double teams, but to his credit he is knocking down shots. That 61% from 3 won't be there long though.

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I don't expect him to be the

I don't expect him to be the do it all player he was drafted to be a few years ago, but he's proven in the past in Orlando and recently in L.A. that he can be a productive rebounder and a guy who can be a nice role player and glue guy, who can hit a face up J.

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Thought he was going to be a

Thought he was going to be a good player when Phoenix drafted him in the lottery. Everyone was comparing him to Lamar Odom at the time and that seemed like a really good comparison. It seems like he wasn't interested in being the best he could be in Phoenix and the trade to Orlando shook him up a little bit, but I am glad he is making the most out of his opportunity with the Lakers.

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I think his post game interviews are a must watch. LOL.. You can tell he is not used to all that media attention and that voice.. "you know"

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I had to take four shots on

I had to take four shots on draft day when he was drafted and will never forgive him for that, but in all seriousness the Lakers are doing what they do with all underachieving young journeymen like they did with Ariza, Shannon Brown, Jordan Hill, and now Earl Clark. I was so excited for the Suns to draft him and he's never shown any consistency until . His spot up jumper is much improved along with his confidence.

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Always thought he'd be a poor

Always thought he'd be a poor man's Lamar Odom and he's showing that he can be a reliable 5th or 4th option when he's out there. He makes the right passes, rebounds hard, and knows where to move without the ball to get his wide open looks off Kobe, Dwight, Nash, and Gasol. He just fits on this team so well.

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