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Thoughts from the Crow's Nest

I'll let you know what's been going through my head lately...Let me know if any one agrees...

1. The Sixers are looking like a legit Top 3 Team in the East, they are deep, they are young and they play defense...They go 10 to 12 deep and can defend most of the Top Teams Very Well...They have a chance to prove a lot in the next 2 week 2...They will be a very scary match up come playoff time...And lastly I believe their on court success has to carry over to a Big Free Agent Signing or Trade (Dwight Howard anyone???)

2. Andre Iguadola has been playing like a Dam All Star lately...The Coach BETTER VOTE Andre on the Eastern All Star Team or the whole selection process will be proved to be FLAWED...

3. John Wall, ehh...I love the kid's potential as a True Star in the NBA, but something has to give in Washington...He had a terrible game against Orlando, a team that has Jameer Nelson and JJ Reddick defending half the game...He may need a few weeks on the bench behind a veteran, again I'm am shocked the Wizards didn't try to claim Billups of the Amnesty waiver wire, he could of thought Wall the ropes...I'm starting to think a little time at the Sg spot may help the Wiz find out Wall's true position, as a Scoring Guard with tremendous passing ability...I always thought Wall could play the Sg spot in the NBA and that he would be better served as an Individual Player

4. What the hell are the Magic going to do with Dwight Howard...The more time goes by the more I feel Orlando will just trade him to The Lakers for Andrew Bynum, but some part of me wants them to be stubborn and wait it out until he walks free(although he could still work out a Sign and Trade and bring the Magic Andrew Bynum anyway...) Again Teams like Dallas, New Brooklyn and Philadelphia are all drak horse Howard destinations IMO...

5. Where do JR Smith/Kenyon Martin/Wilson Chandler and Aaron Brooks land when they return...
If I had to take a few wild stabs, I'd say Martin goes to LA/NY, Smith goes to Minnesota, Chandler stays with Nuggets and Brooks goes to NY/LA/Miami(all very scary thoughts)...Thinking to next season Andre Kirilenko signs with The Nets...

6. Why isn't anyone talking about Kobe Bryant, he's having an MVP season, and if the Lakers can get a huge lifeline like Brooks or Chandler from China watch out...Mike Brown is the onl;y reason I'd count the Lakers out...I don't don't trust him in the big game, Kobe should be player coach at this point in his career anyway LOL...

7. The Western Playoffs could be interesting...I only think one of these 3 teams will make the Playoffs(Jazz, Grizzlies and Wolves) but which ever does will be one hell of an out...I'm sticking with my early prediction and picking the Wolves as the 8th seed...

8. Derrick Williams may be the One Traded out of Minnesota...It's no secret they need a True Shooter/Scorer at Sg, they could also use a Stopper at Sf...I don't see why they wouldn't think about moving Williams for a player like Kevin Martin, if they could also get back Budinger or williams and possibly Hill too...A trade I'd think about If I Were Kaun for a Day(which is weird to say and Imagine) would be D.Williams and Wesley Johnson for K.Martin,C.Budinger or T.Williams and J.Hill...yes the Wolves would be giving up on Williams and Johnson very early, but they would be getting one of the best off ball scorers in the NBA and some much needed depth at Sf and Pf/C

9. Jeremy Lamb has been looking like a mid lottery pick, I don't think an NBA team drafts him with a top 10 pick...he hasn't really improved as the season has gone on in my eyes...U Conn has been average and Lamb looking average may be the cause, I will say this though, when he,Napier and drummond are on they can be very tough to beat...If U Conn gets bounced early in The NCAA's I could see Lamb slide, Drummond return and Napier make a smart move and NOT DECLARE, but if they roll into a Final 4 or even strong elite 8, all 3 will declare and Napier will be making a huge mistake, Drummond would become the # 1 census pick and Lamb will likely land himself in the Top 10...

BTW, My Mom was watching the U-Conn vs George Town game with me and literally told me and my wife Jeremy Lamb looks like a Middle School Player...I died for a minute and remembered the scouting report on the site saying he needs to bulk up, maybe my mom wrote up the report on Lamb cause she was 100% on the money with that one...

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On Wall, What happened to

On Wall, What happened to Wall working so hard in the offseason on that Jumper? He’s had a couple of solid stretches but other then that his J seems even worst then last year. Its one thing to miss but he shoots it with no confidence. He’s like always hoping it goes in or leaning forward and trying to will it in. Then if he misses one, his head goes down, and his J sucks the rest of the game.

Again, its like the worst of both worlds. His J sucks and we dont have a PG friendly attacking the rim or getting in the paint type of Offense like I think we should. I still think he would kill with the high screen, high screen & roll but we wont ever do it obviously. Meanwhile guys like Rose, D-Wade before Lebron, prime Gil, Nash, Paul, and all these other guys get to run it non stop. It sucks that not only do we not run it that much but we dont run it at all.

Its annoying watching Wall vs Rose and seeing Rose get pick after pick where Wall isnt even on him when he scores. They set the pick way out front and then its Rose vs the bigs which is a total mismatch just like it is with those other guys I named before but we never ever do it even though we have one of the fastest, most athletic, and explosive PG’s in the league. It makes no sense to me. He should live at the line and keep the opposing bigs in foul trouble like Gil use to do but our system never even attempts it

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3. Iggy Allstar status

3. is nil. He averages ten points a game and is the 4th or 5th best player on his team. Anderson Varajo in Cleveland is playing like a allstar this week to.

9. Lamb may be Penny Hardaway if they let him play the point in the League.

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That Ucon game was so boring

That Ucon game was so boring Drummond was nonexistent, Jeremy Lamb tried but had a awfull shooting night.

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9. Lamb may be Penny Hardaway

9. Lamb may be Penny Hardaway if they let him play the point in the League.


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Trade DWill?

I'm not sure who should be traded between D-Will 2.0 and Beasley. One of them needs to go though. As does Johnson. I don't know who really needs 3's though- there are so many in the league. If we could pry Gortat out of Phoenix, or Martin out of Houston, that'd be cool. Another awesome idea someone told me was that we somehow try to trade up to take Jeremy Lamb or Brad Beal. I doubt that happens, but that'd be sick!

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