Thoughts on charlottes 8 freethrows in 4.7 seconds?

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Thoughts on charlottes 8 freethrows in 4.7 seconds?

Charlotte and Richmond just provided an ending that will be difficult to top. Richmond had a three point lead as Charlotte inbounded the ball with just over five seconds remaining. Richmond employed the foul strategy.

I broke down the foul up three scenarios, and then Ken Pomeroy noted some actual results, which included some bad beats for teams fouling. None, though, topped this. I can tell you I didn’t account for the “opponent will make first free throw, while you get called for a technical” scenario. My bad.

After Charlotte made the first free throw, Derrick Williams of Richmond got called for shoving his man to the ground while the free throw went through the net. The ref signaled a technical. It could have been called a personal foul instead – in fact, I would say probably should have. It was action during the course of a rebound. Chris Mooney, the head coach of Richmond, probably thought so, too.

Had it been a foul, Charlotte would have still gotten the free throws, but Richmond would have gotten the ball back. Plus, it would have been a different (worse) shooter at the line. Charlotte made all three remaining shots (the 2nd free throw and two technicals) to go up by 1. Richmond then had to foul, and after the foul, the frustrated Chris Mooney also got a technical. Four more free throws later, and Charlotte was up 5, with eight straight free throws from two intentional fouls and two technicals.

By the way, Charlotte ranked first in Ken Pomeroy’s luck statistic, even before this game. Going to guess they aren’t going down in that category now.

Sorry this is the only video I could find so far. the quality isnt great and i cant embed it. The article link has a much better version

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Worst Ending to A game I can remember

Let the players decide a game not the refs. No way was is that kid in the act of shooting at half court on the one foul after the first tech....flat out embarrasing!

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this was almost up there in

this was almost up there in the insane book about as much as reggie miller scoring on the knicks!

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Refs becoming stars

"Look at me! I can decide a conference championship!"

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Also, the over under on the game was 130.5 Very very interesting.

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That's really interesting,

That's really interesting, very interesting if you ask me.........

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Richmonds tournament hopes are all down the toilet now.

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Being a gambler, I've been

Being a gambler, I've been hearing a lot of things especially about some of the smaller conference tournaments this year about point shaving from things being said about the players and refs also. If you think about it players from smaller conferences may (not saying that they are) be trying to make a quick buck by deciding the outcome to certain games, things such as spreads, money line upsets, and over/unders. As a player/student of the game this would disgust me if I found out a player would do anything like this. The game should be given the up most respect and should never be played or reffed like that, even though we all know it has.

*Just a side note, I don't know if anybody has noticed but literally every game in the MEAC tournament has been an upset this year so far. Coincidence? I think not.

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I'm alright with the dead

I'm alright with the dead ball technical call. That was a blatant foul, and I guess according to the rules, since the ball had gone in, it makes it a dead ball technical. If that's true, then I'm alright with that one.

But the shooting foul at halfcourt and the subsequent technicals... man oh man...

Having said all that, the people like Jalen Rose that say "Refs gotta swallow their whistle and not make the game about them"... that stuff is just as ridiculous IMO. So many games are decided by the refs BECAUSE they swallow their whistle and let the other team foul the shooter at the end because they know the ref will let them. It goes both ways.

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i give the richmond coach a

i give the richmond coach a lot of credit, if that was me i would of caught a charge lol

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