Thoughts on Bayless trade...

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Thoughts on Bayless trade...

I am kind of confused as to why the Raptors made this trade... Im guessing that the Peja contract was a huge piece here.. JJack could have been clashing with the coach or something.. IDK.. Anyway:

Bayless to Toronto is odd.. They have Calderon, who is a setup PG and is going to eat up most of the minutes at the point, which they need with guys that need the ball, like Derozen, Weems, Bargs, Kleiza, and Barbosa.. This brings me to another thing... Arent Bayless and Barbosa essentially the same player?? I mean they are 6'3 scoring tweener guards... Neither is a point but both can do a little time there... IDK...

Peja doesnt fit in with this team unless he can play the PF but even then there isnt much time.. He isnt better than Keliza, Weems, or Derozen... He is obviously there to make another trade or to let the contract help the team..

What are your thoughts on this? Also, am I off base on my thoughts?

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As a raptors fan, i dont

As a raptors fan, i dont really like this trade. First of all i dont want another shooter that cant play defense (peja) and jarret jack was sick.

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my take

First off, their is already a topic opened up about this somewhere. Secondly, they got Bayless to be their future point guard (hopefully) because they know they are not going anywhere right now. Jack was older and Colangelo is hopping on Bayless' potential, as he was a lottery pick. Peja better be just an expiring contract. I don't want him playing any good amount of minutes for the Raptors.. It's all about the future.

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To be honest, I think the

To be honest, I think the Raptors regret that Calderon contract, so I think their thought process is to just eat that contract and let him be their starting PG, it doesnt make sense to pay a back-up PG $9mil a year. Bringing in Bayless to perhaps groom him as their PG of the future, while still playing spot up minutes as SG off the bench. The Paja expiring contract probably means they will try to go after the top front-line free agent next summer. It was evident that the Jack and Calderon combination wasnt working so they just needed to blow it up and get something for Jack in exchange.

I dont really know the "real inside" scoop on this team since I dont follow them awhole lot, but that's my take on it.

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Bright Future???

Bayless-Derozan-Weems-Davis Potential Potential Potential

Bargnani-Kleiza are solid role guys but they should begin to build around the 4 mentioned above. Alabi could be the defensive presence they need along with Amir Johnson. Free Agents probally wont go to Toronto but they could go the OKC Portland way and build through the draft they have pieces, picks and cash to build up remember this team once had Young Guys such as- Carter, McGrady, Camby and Stoudamire they just have to get lucky in the lottery Kanter would fit well also Barnes or maybe even Sullinger.

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Bargnani is a role player????

Bargnani is a role player????

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Weems is more of a role

Weems is more of a role player to me, and Bargnani is someone the Raps should build around. I mean they drafted him with the first pick of the 2006 draft. No #1 pick should be a role player. They should all be top guys, guys you build your team around. If he is a role player than either the 2006 draft class was very weak or Bargnani was picked way ahead of where he should have been picked. Neither is the case. Afterall 2006 was the year Brabdon Roy and Rudy Gay entered the league so it couldn't have been that bad.

I really like this trade for Toronto. Jack can play but the raptors were not succeeding with him starting at point. (Not very many wins means no success at least not to me) And messee is right about Calderon. You can't have a guy being paid 9mil come off the bench. He should be starting. So this trade was all about the future. The Raptors probably got Peja becuase they want to trade Calderon but just him was not enough entice some teams. So they got Peja to include in possible Calderon trades and get the player they really want.

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This trade is based on the

This trade is based on the following criteria..

-Giving Calderon many minutes to increase his stock and trade him to the highest bidder.

-Aqcuiring a expiring contract that is very important in rebuilding this team.

-Unloading contracts that have no longterm position on this Raptor team.

-Gaining young talent and putting that talent in a position to be successfull, see what you can get kinda thing.

To say Barbosa and Bayless are the same type of player is not far from the truth, but definitely not true. Yes they are both score first type gaurds, although Barbosa perhaps the worst passing SG in the league today, and definitely is not a PG. Bayless has shown the abillity and skill with his passing although seems to have the "mentality" of a scorer. Torontos develemental staff will try to harness Bayless's playmaking abillities, but once again trying to turn a scorer into a playmaker is not smart, just like trying to turn a offensive minded PF into a C isnt smart (Bargnani). I doubt Bayless will be the awnser at point, unless he has been hiding his playmaking abillities. I also believe having 1 extra scoring gaurd in Barbosa is horrible for the teams chemistry let alone two.

Stojakovic is another player who will probally play the same role as another couple Raptors, and Im starting to see Toronto create the same problems Detroit has. Too many players trying to play the same role rather then having "Key Contributors" and "Complimentary Role Players". The Raptors should put all their peices together aside from Derozan, Weems and Johnson and try to acquire a real C, who is not a scrub. IMO Bargnani, Calderon, Klieza, Barbosa, Evans, should all be moved to make room for the future. Any Draft Picks that can be acquired should be ASAP,

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i like this trade for the raps

jarrett jack just wasnt working for the raps in bayless they get a young player wiht alot of potential the peja contract i actually thought would be worth more then what the hornets got for it so i like this trade for the raps good mention that now they mite be able to throw in pejas expiring to help un load calderon who was one of the worst contracts in the leauge

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