A thought on Wiggins and Kansas and future hall-of-famer.

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A thought on Wiggins and Kansas and future hall-of-famer.

Andrew Wiggins without a doubt has tons of hype surrounding him, and with the hype comes pressure. The pressure is huge, and likely unfair. There will be pressure on Wiggins in his lone year as a Jayhawk to be a NPOY candidate, lead Kansas to another Big 12 title, a final 4, and national title, all while putting up big numbers. After college, Wiggins will face the pressure to not only be an all-star, or even franchise player, he will have expectations to be at the level of LeBron and Durant. To be a dominant force for multiple years in the NBA.

Wiggins is now going to Kansas, one of the greatest programs in college basketball. KU potentially could produce the #1 pick this year with McLemore before Wiggins likely goes #1 in 2014. But one name I will tie towards Wiggins for his career, is Paul Pierce. Paul played at KU for 3 seasons, averaging 16.4 ppg, two Big 12 MVP honors, and named as a 1st team all-american.

Pierce has gone on to have a hall-of-fame career in the NBA playing for Boston, for the last 15 years. In that time Pierce restored order in Beantown, winning a NBA title with KG and Ray Allen over the Lakers, named finals MVP, a 10 time all-star, and averaging 21.8 ppg for his career. Pierce will go down as one the greatest player in Celtics history, up there with Bird, McHale, Russell, Parish, and many others. With Pierce possibly playing his last game for Boston and NBA all together, Pierce will no doubt be a hall-of-famer and be regarded as a legend.

Now Wiggins legacy begins this upcoming season. I ask, since both Wiggins and Pierce are both SF, McDonalds All-Americans, and Kansas Jayhawks, will Wiggins end up better than Paul Pierce? That's no small feat. Obviously Pierce wasn't surrounded with the hype and pressure like Wiggins. If he ends up having a similar career to Pierce's, will Wiggins be considered a disappointment considering all the hype and expectations?

Just something I was pondering today after hearing of Wiggin's going to KU and reading that Pierce could be done in Boston.

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I don't think it matters how

I don't think it matters how his stats would compare to Paul Pierce at the end of his career; a hall-of famer is a hall-of famer. If he reaches that level, he's accomplished what all NBA players hope to achieve: be among one of the best basketball players to ever play the game.

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Paul Pierce is my favorite

Paul Pierce is my favorite all time player, and his career has been amazing to watch. While I think Wiggins is a better athlete than Pierce (and thus, a totally different player), I think Wiggins would benefit greatly from analyzing Paul Pierce's game. If Wiggins can improve his game the way Pierce did, by adding so many moves and fundamentals, then he could be something special. All eyes are on him now, so it should be nice to see how he responds.

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2 trains of thought

There is two ways this can go. He can either be a great player that it doesnt matter what school he goes to or he can be a player that struggles because Kansas caters to older players. I think kansas lets players play to their strength and doesnt make them work on there weaknesses. People say Paul Pierce and Kansas but he played for Roy williams.

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think he went there because

think he went there because all the focus would be on him with withey and mcclemore gone everything would run with or through him

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