Thought I'd get into the trade deadline fun

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Thought I'd get into the trade deadline fun

If you were both the Nets and the Hawks wouldn't you do this trade?

Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta and apparently wants to play with Dwight Howard who it seems is likely to sign for the Nets and by bringing in Smith it would only entice Howard to sign there more. If I was Prokarov or whatever the Nets owners name is I'd be doing every little thing possible to get Howard during the offseason and this would really help.

The Hawks in return get a legitimate Center so they can finally move Horford to the 4 which would make a scary looking frontline. And obviously they would let Okur walk or sign him to a much smaller contract

A lineup of Teague, Johnson, Williams, Horford and Lopez doesn't look to shabby.

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I posted a similar trade idea

I posted a similar trade idea about a week ago. I think that adding Josh Smith would help convince Dwight to come to New Jersey plus the Hawks would rid themselves of the "small" lineup that they throw out there night after night. I would ask for a first round pick too if I was the Hawks.

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I like this trade it makes

I like this trade it makes sense for both teams and also the players involved. I think a big three of Howard Smith and Williams would rival the Heats big three as long as Smith isn't out there taking crazy shots. Smith could play his more natural 3 with Hump playing the 4, Brooks at SG and all of a sudden you have a chamionship contending team. The Hawks might need a pick thrown in to get this deal done due to Lopez's injury risks and his poor rebounding but even so for the Nets this is a no brainer because it shows Howad and Williams that they are going to put a good team around them (something neither of them has really had over their careers). As for the Hawks they get a legit C which allows them to move Horford to the 4 and also gets rid of Smith which I think they want to do but just havfent gotten the right offer.

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