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Thought of the Day

With all the talk in New York about Carmelo and to an extent Chauncey I look at tonights game and see they really need some role players. They didnt have 1 role guy play well at all and that hurt them especially when they didnt have at least 2 of the big 3 on the floor.

Today the Knicks picked up Jared Jeffries and Derrick Brown. These 2 guys could really help. Jeffries is a versatile defender but doesnt have the body to bang wit Boston, Chicago or Orlando. The Knicks should look to go zone especially against Miami and Orlando to keep Wade and James out the paint and Howard from getting the ball.

I noticed Derrick Brown had a similiar build to Wilson Chandler and he also has a solid jump shot. D'Antoni said he loves his athleticsm and thinks once he gets used to the system he can crack the rotation.

The Knicks are a very good team but it takes more than 3 guys to win games especially in the playoffs so if they find 4-5 solid consistent role guys they could finally be legit contenders but they only have about 25 games to get it right

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Jered Jeffries and Derrick

Jered Jeffries and Derrick Brown still don't answer their lack of size and depth at the center postion. Yeah, both of those players can contribute, but with only one player on your roster over 6'10'' (the afore mentioned Jered Jeffries) thats just not a team built for the playoffs. With Amare and Melo, yeah, those are two great pieces to build a contender, but despite the excitement of landing a Carmelo Anthony in's just not happening this year.

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Browns build is not similar

Browns build is not similar to Chandlers a all. Chandler is about 6'7 230 and solid, while Brown is about 6'9 225 and lanky.

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