Thon Maker drops 49 & 18 in 1st varsity game!!!

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Thon Maker drops 49 & 18 in 1st varsity game!!!

Almost a year and a half ago I posted this about Thon Maker

Now...The freshman absolutely EXPLODED in his first varsity game for Carlisle School in Virginia, dropping 49 points and 18 rebounds.

Some people might not buy into the hype of Thon...thinking he might be older than 15 considering he's coming from Sudan. That certainly might be true, but the kid's game is legit in my opinion.

Thon Maker Player Profile:

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I'm sorry it's just not fair

I'm sorry it's just not fair when you've got the size, athleticism, and skills like this guy. I also believe hes older than listed but nonetheless I'm excited to see this how he turns out his senior year

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Thats the longest neck ever.

Thats the longest neck ever.

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The first time you posted

The first time you posted about him, I was shocked by his post footwork, soft touch, and overall fundamental game. Seems like his development is going swimmingly. Looking forward to see him continue to grow as a player.

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I saw him

I saw him at the Adidas Nations this past summer where he was the only player his age. He got out there against 17 and 18 year old guys, many with international experience and played hard. He grabbed a couple boards, blocked a shot and even hit a bank shot jump hook. He didn't wow, but he also didn't look out of place with the elite of the elite high school age players. Oh, and as a high school teacher I can assuredly tell you... he is definitely a YOUNG kid. He is not older than his listed age.

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