Thon Maker c/o 2016 7 Footer

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Thon Maker c/o 2016 7 Footer

Anybody heard about this HS freshman? He's 7 foot and plays for Carlisle School in Martinsville, VA. Of course he dominates the HS game on the defensive end because he's so tall, but word is he's suppose to actually have post moves.

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He's pretty big on YouTube. I've known about him for a few years. Haven't seen him play in a while but if what you say is true I think that can only be a plus when add the fact he's so tall and gonna keep growing for a while. Only thing that scares me off about him as a prospect is that he's so thin and I believe his frame will continuely remain as such his whole life.

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Ask paradigm

He is always on top of the really young hs prospects. Hopefully being 7 feet so young allows him to develop better coordination and skills.

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had some videos of him as an 8th grader, and I got a chance to catch him at Adidas Nations this year playing against competition several years older. Has good mobility, too, though his skills in actual games are still emerging. Can't teach size, and the fact that he is this big this young gives him ample time to be comfortable with his body going forward.

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Not sure about his "post game"

From what I have seen he is more of a face-up guy, though he has shown some decent range. Currently is averaging 22.3, 13.4 and 4.7 through 11 games for Carlisle HS in Virginia. First game he went for a reported 49, 18 and 5. Is originally from Sudan, though I think immigrated at a young age to Australia. Came over in 8th grade I believe and was in the Louisiana area, before transferring high schools earlier this year.

Was able to obtain Thon's birthdate, would technically make him class of 2015, though he is only 15 right now and will turn 16 February 25. He is listed by many as one of the top players in the Class of 2016, played 5 games with the Jackson Tigers in the Nike EYBL (with one of 2015's top players, Malik Newman). Also played with 2014 USA Blue, where he looked fairly overwhelmed against older competition (at least in the games I saw).

Certainly a very intriguing prospect, has even gotten (crazy, to me) comparisons to Kevin Durant. I have not seen near the level of athleticism or shooting ability to merit them, though he is young, skinny and has height/length on his side. Seems like he is quite likely to end up a 4/5 and is one to watch in terms of development. Really am unsure how I feel about him as a prospect (or whether I believe his supposed age) and am taking a "wait and see" approach before calling him the next anything. Would love it if he turned into a fantastic 7-foot prospect, just am not really buying the hype just yet.

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Great size , I don't think he

Great size , I don't think he will be the next big "can't miss" prospect simply because he doesn't have that true basketball player in him nor the IQ but he does have length and probably trainers to turn him into a basketball player. I'm not saying he isn't gonna be good or anything but some people just don't get it, size ,skills and athleticism help ALOT in basketball but they are not everything , some people understand the game of basketball and that's what separates the Michael Jordan's and Kobe Bryant's from the Jamal Crawfords and JR Smiths.

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