Thomas Robinson

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Thomas Robinson

Someone convince me that a team in the top 8 need a Thomas Robinson type player?

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Golden State easily. They

Golden State easily. They have plenty of guys who can score on the wing, but lack that hustle big who is actually reliable. David Lee just doesn't do it, and with the health concerns centered around Bogut and Biedrins they would be crazy to pass him up. A line up of Curry, Thompson, Wright, Robinson, and Bogut does not seem bad at all.

Pg.- Curry- Nate

SG- Thompson- Rush

SF- Wright- Jefferson

PF- Robinson- Lee

C- Bogut- Biedrins

Could be another fun Warriors team

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Charlotte has Tyrus

Charlotte has Tyrus Thomas...

Washington has Vesely...

Cleveland has Tristan Thompson....

Sacramento has Chuck Hayes or Jason Thompson

Thomas Robinson better then all of them

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That kind of heart and hustle

That kind of heart and hustle can be infectious. Regardless of position or need I would want someone like T-Rob or MKG on my team.

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I agree. Are there any

I agree. Are there any lottery teams that can use an elite rebounder that plays with an extreme level passion and heart, that is extremely mature for his age, and just proved to everyone that he has all the size needed to play his position. Early Lotto teams shouldnt be looking for that type of player.

T-Rob is going to have a long succesful career. I don't know what you have against him. He could very likely be an all star in a few years if he lands in the eastern conference.

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Funny, I read the original

Funny, I read the original poster to mean, "Convince me that one of the top 8 teams in the league needs a player like Thomas Robinson."

Of course the worst teams need him. The question I thought was do title contention teams need a player like him. Then it is a question about is he better than Bosh, Dirk, Duncan, Griffin, Ibaka, Ryan Anderson, Boozer, Garnett, Gasol, Stat, or Faried. Those are the Power Forwards for all of the top elevent teams in the league. You could throw in West for Indiana I suppose. Utah as well could be put in the mix with whomever they are putting at PF that night from their assortment of big men. The Wolves have a pretty good PF and they might have ended the season in the playoffs if Rubio hadn't gone down. When you start looking at this list then you start seeing who Robinson really needs to compete with. The second pick in the draft should be a guy who can at least come with you to the top of the mountain. Ideally you want him to be a go to guy who carries your team there.

Is Robinson that guy?

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I know yall like Robinson

I know yall like Robinson from College and everything but from what I have seen how is he that much of an upgrade over David Lee. I could see if he had a back to the basket game but he is kinda raw there. He is also not a defensive guy like Davis or Henson. Every good college player will not outplay guys already in the league.

I think Robinson will be pretty good but I don't see him as a super star or star but a solid starter.

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just me but i still see him

just me but i still see him as kenyon martin type. solid overall, i want a guy like him on my team but not as the main piece. ^ yeah, he wont be an instant upgrade over david lee.. cmon.. lee is proven to get 20/10 every night

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he still rough around the

he still rough around the edges but there not much players who are talanted, strong and dynamic like him at the PF position, and you could have seen that with the progression of the season he got more and more polish on offense and with his shot, he has potential to be 20/10 guy, teams in the top 8 should take him cause he probably to develop at least to legit and one of the best numbers 2 of a team.

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the bobcats need all the help they could get robinson would be an ok addition to the team but guys like barnes,MKG would be so much better a weak nba team could use robinson more than a already strong nba team except only if your the spurs where all your top players like duncan would only have 2-3 years left in thie career max robinson could be a great adition via trade for the spurs if they show interest on the guy as a future franchise player of the spurs

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I like T-Rob

I just don't think he is going to be an all star.

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in his interviews...he really

in his interviews...he really came off as brash and kinda like an azzhole in some instances......which I think MJ really likes to see that from guys. at first I was thinking he shouldnt go in the top 4 but after seeing and hearing his interviews....I think the Bobcats would really be interested in some other teams. he is ultra competitive and didnt seem concerned about saying the "right" things like the other prospects....only saying what he really believes. Charlotte, Sacramento, and Washington could really use him.

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I don't think Robinson will

I don't think Robinson will be an all star, but I think that he would be a great pick for the Wizards. He could run the floor great with Wall and be an excellent target on the pick and roll. Playing with a pg who likes to push the pace could really help Robinson, as he likes to beat his defender down the floor and get low post position early in the shot clock. Plus, I think he will be a great rebounder in the NBA, even if he isn't a great overall defender.

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He'll be a guy who's in the

He'll be a guy who's in the top 5-10 in rebounding every year once he hits his stride, but I think his offensive development will have a lot to do with what team he goes to. He's got the ball handling and quickness to be very good off the pick and roll, and with more reps his 10-15 footer will be a better pick and pop option.

If he goes to Sacramento, who has plenty of scoring, I think he'll be more of a 12 ppg 10 rpg guy because with DeMarcus Cousins on the block, they won't need Robinson to do as much.

If he goes to a team like Charlotte, Cleveland or he slips to higher in the top 10, with fewer offensive options, I think he'll develop more as an offensive player because he'll be required to do more.

He was not used to carring the offensive burden of a team going into this season, but he adapted and became a 17.7 ppg scorer. Just because he doesn't wow you with his offensive skillset, know that he's improved drastically from even a year ago. He's shown he can and will adapt, and I think that's a good sign when evaluating a player. He doubled his FT% from his Fr to Jr season and that's just an indicator of hard work.

I think his ceiling is an 18 ppg 12 rpg player, his floor his an 8 ppg 7 rpg bench spark, and a safe estimate is around 15 ppg 10.5 rpg. Whether, that he's worth a top 5 pick is not cemented, but he's long, athletic, strong, hard working and the best player in the NCAA not named Anthony Davis.

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I really like him #2 in

I really like him #2 in Charolette. They can let him develop as a scorer and his hustle would improve them. Add him to Kemba in the PnR and his floor spacing allows Biyombo to concentrate on D and cutting hard to the rim/offensive glass from the weakside.

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Chad Ford tweeted Robinson

Chad Ford tweeted Robinson has a 35.5'' max vert. That's very solid for a guy his size, if that leaked information is correct....his max reach is 11'8''

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