Thibodeau, Bulls Near Deal

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Thibodeau, Bulls Near Deal

"A source tells the New York Daily News that Tom Thibodeau is close to finalizing a deal to become the next head coach of the Bulls."

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I've got a question.

Of course Thibodeau made the Celtics a supreme defensive team, but is he equally good when it's about offense?
Because if he's not maybe the same thing could happen to the Bulls as happened to the Cavs.
They could become a great defensive team but without an offensive masterplan.

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Good question. Thibodeau is

Good question.

Thibodeau is a great hire though. He's an elite defensive coach. IF offense is a weak point in his coaching, the Bulls will need to surround him with great assistant coaches/staff that can help in that area.

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If he is weak at an offensive gameplan, the bulls need to make sure they get someone that can either help guide him get better or completely guide the offense. I don't think Vinny was a horrible coach considering his situation, but I don't think anyone would have considered him a master at anything. From what I have heard Thibodeau works really hard and we have seen what he is able to do defensively with these aging guys. Imagine what he could do for Rose, Noah and company. He has also worked with some strong personalities so I think he can handle anyone the Bulls have or pick up, plus he has a championship ring, possible two once the finals are over to back him up. My biggest concern is will the guy be able to maintain his focus while still vying for a championship.

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I hope the Celtics wait to see what Rivers is going to do. If he leaves I think Thib. should stay with the C's. He knows that players and what they do good and what they cant do. The team has talent and will be contenter for a couple more years at least.

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Alright here are my early

Alright here are my early coaching predictions:
Bulls= Thibodeau
Hornets= Monty Williams
Nets= Avery Johnson
Hawks= Dwane Casey
Cavs and Clippers, who knows I have not heard any prospects been mentioned . And as we all know the Sixers have no vacancy with the recent hire of Doug Collins.

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Thibodeau is a much more

Thibodeau is a much more intelligent and seasoned overall Coach than Brown RIGHT NOW imo. Brown sorta gave into Lebron as well and thats something we all know Thibodeau will not do after Coaching on the stat sacrificing, team oriented, Celtics.

Also I think Tibo would do what Rivers did.If he see's his Offencive Coach skills are lacking he will hire somebody experienced to help him.

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