Is there too much hype in HS basketball?

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Is there too much hype in HS basketball?

There is no doubt that the 2013 HS class is very talented with stars like Jabari Parker, Julius randle, Andrew wiggins etc. the media coverage on these high school athletes gets more and more detailed every year and with the addition of YouTube videos of players lives we can see into the kids personalities. The addition of the mix tapes that players have out now just make them more exciting and popular among hoops fans. The more famous these kids get the more pressure there is for them to succeed. i mean there has always been pressure on kids to Produce but never has there been major coverage like there is now. Do y'all think there is a serious chance that the 2013 HS class does not pan out to be as good as they were hyped to be? What if Andrew wiggins turns out to be just a very athletic player. Or if Parker and randle just become role players on NBA teams and nothing more. These kids were destined to be the games next great superstars is there a real chance they could just be average?

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Theres always a chance for

Theres always a chance for players to not perform as expected. That what we call busts. There is a lot of players that are hyped in hIghschool that don't pan out for different reason. Samardo Samuels, Josh Mcroberts and Byron Mullins were all #1 ranked recruits at their positions going into college (if I'm not mistaken). But were just role players in the NBA. Other guys like Lenny Cook got caught up in the fame of being a celebrity at that age and that ruined him. Demetrious Walker was crazy hyped and that pressure for an 8th grader to be the next lebron is stupid, it put unrealistic standards on him and was destined to fail those expectations. There are always going to be those that didnt live up to the hype for whatever reason. So yeah there is a realistic chance, none of these guys have even played a game in college.

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I think the exposure of HS

I think the exposure of HS kids is very much so needed, because before the LeBron era there really wasn't any footage of High Schoolers. I believe there will be quite a few freshmen from the 2013 who weren't on the radar be successful on the collegiate level. It's not necessarily about how much of an impact the top tier guys will be, but rather see how the class pans out as a whole IMO.

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damn its gotten ridiculous. I see people on here crowing players off a hoop mixtape lol I swear. A few kids have it but damn not every single person in the top 25 rankings are going to be a one and done and impact player in the league.

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The world

I dont think it's too much. It's simply a result of the era we live in now... Media runs everything... And the media sources are constantly growing. 6th graders are getting attention, everybody. There's so many sources and types of media and they are willing to make a story out of any little thing. Anything for views. Anything for the dollar. Personally, I think it's only going to keep growing and growing, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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From one side of it, all the

From one side of it, all the media exposure helps showcase the kids and also lets "the world" (through the Internet) see all the talent that's out there.

From the the end, it can lead to quickly assuming a kid is phenomenal b/c they can do a 720 (for example) or whatever. The short mixtapes are meant to be highlight reels, although for those that include various jumpers, separation moves, etc, you can get a feel for the player. Otherwise, the mixtapes just add to a player's

Like someone said..back in the day there were home videos people made (limited footage), but it wasn't out there for the masses - would you prefer being able to see all the talent or hoping that the videos come out if they make it big? I'll take the former despite the hype it may add to a kid's game.

The media comment was spot on - who creates the hype? The media. There's a lot of talent out there that goes unnoticed and guys get into the league and they become legit players (not saying stars, but they're not struggling to make a team either and get proper minutes). Those guys aren't being looked at by the media or the mixtape creators.

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I agree. After the hype

I agree. After the hype Lebron received and actually lived up to it and is probably surpassing it now, it's the media's job to look for the next big thing. Plus we live in the social media era. Any and everybody can become famous overnight with the help of youtube, twitter, worldstar, etc. Like BigChamp12 said, it's only going to grow. Plus most of the people that watch these mixtapes don't even really know the game of basketball. They just like what they see from the players. So people that don't know sh*t about basketball will automatically label these guys the next so and so just because they look like an NBA player in the mixtape. A mixtape can make any kid look like the next Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, you name it. That's what its suppose to do. It's a montage of the players best highlights. Not his worst. But the competition only gets tougher the higher you go. Guys can dominate the high school level, play subpar in college, and horrible in the NBA. You have more of those results than you do of a Derrick Rose or Lebron one. To answer your question, I do think that this class will be pretty damn good. And one of the best in recent memory. I don't expect these guys to average 20+ ppg for their respective teams. But from what I have seen from these guys just wathcing them in live games, I do expect them to statistically have great freshmen seasons and grow into nba stars and superstars.

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I think most people take it

I think most people take it with a grain of salt these days, as they should. It is a good way to get a kid on the map, but So many guys don't pan out HS hype shouldn't be used as an excuse to continue to rate a player very high when he starts to get left behind by better players.

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