Is there a chance J.R Smith can make the All Star team?

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Is there a chance J.R Smith can make the All Star team?

Here's the link , about a week ago I was writing down who I thought should make the AllStar team and I actually had JR fighting out the final spot with Paul Pierce..

Here's the deal , he is the second scoring option on the second seeded Knicks, he is playin great ,specially lately, has hit a couple buzzer beaters. I truly believe if he plays well in the following month and the Knicks continue winning he should be on the team...

The fact of the matter is that some of the eastern conference all stars in the backcourt should be:

Rondo, Wade, Jru Holiday, and Kyrie...

But Joe Johnson, Deron Willliams, Monta ellis and even paul Pierce in my opinion have not played at a higher level than him, and helped there team succeed as much as he has...


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JR Smith is having a good

JR Smith is having a good season..And 1 thing i like that he's doing now,that he rarely did in the past,thats putting the ball on the floor....

But i dont think he'll make the team this season..If another Knick does make the team,it'll be Tyson Chandler and then maybe Kidd..The reason why i say Kidd is becuz alot of people say he's brought a winning attitude and leadership to the team...And coaches love the things players like Kidd & Chandler brings to a team................

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Truth is

The truth is even though he's playing better than some of the players mentioned. It's tough for a team team to get 3 all-stars with only one starting. I think Tyson makes it with Melo and I honestly feel JR should be there. I also thought Harden the second or third best player on the western conference leaders last yr at all-star break should have made it.

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People are making similar

People are making similar arguments about Jamal Crawford.

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So let me get this

So let me get this straight...JR can't make it because he's third best player on the Knicks, when Chandler isn't even neccessarily going to be make the team, but Pierce can make it, when Rondo and Garnett are likely going to start, playing for a sub .500 team that isnt even in playoffs?

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He should make the team

He should make the team

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He should have stephons vote

He should have stephons vote

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Last ten games

Last ten games: 23.4ppg 6.3rpg 3.6apg 1.9spg. Pretty good averages but the Knicks have been 5-5 in that stretch. I wouldn't rule him out as it stands, if some injuries occur and he maintains that kind of output, potentially he could find a spot.

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There are many deserving players playing at a similar level.. So whether he makes it or not, I take my hat off to Smith as an improved all around player.

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