Is There Anybody Similar to Antawn Jamison So Far?

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Is There Anybody Similar to Antawn Jamison So Far?

I've been wondering for a while now if there's someone out there who has a playing style similar to Antawn Jamison's because I love his versatility. If anyone knows who is please tell me, they be in the NBA, NCAA or High School but they must be taller than 6'8".

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DeMarre Carroll 6'8" from

DeMarre Carroll 6'8" from Missouri has a very similar game to Jamison, although on a much lower talent scale.
I see some similarities in Landon Milbourne 6'7" from Maryland as well, but Milbourne is left-handed.

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I think..

Stephen Jackson, range, good ball handler, rebounder, and passer, and Matt Barnes, but he's 6'7 so he doesn't count. oh and Hedo Turkoglou

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What about Al Harrington?

What about Al Harrington?

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i really think the closest thing is Shawn Marion...his shot is nasty of course, but he's got the quick flip shots, can knock down the 3, rebounds well, plays sort of an undersized PF, and gets a lot of garbage buckets just like Antawn. he is only 6'7 though, so i apologize for breaking the rules...

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