Is there any hope for the Timberwolves?????

Maybe i am just being overly hopeful But i think the Wolves got a good shot at turning things around this year if there smart. If they sign a good young star in Rudy Gay. and trade for another young star in maybe A.I from philly? I mean they will have a young guy in Evan turner who is just like A.I so they could get a few guys from us such as Big Al and maybe the 16th or 23rd pick? And then if the wolves draft a big guy in Cousins. Could they jump to into a young playoff team? Am i right to think this? Or am i just fooling myself again?

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sounds good

But your fooling yourself again. Kahn has plenty of tools to turn this franchise around but he doesnt seem that smart. unfortunatley even if he could make us a playoff contender nex year, he'll wait for the nex 3 or 4. Hopefully he'll trade up for turner and dalembert and we can get another scorer at 16 or 23 like James Anderson or Paul George

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