Theo Pinson underrated!!!

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Theo Pinson underrated!!!

Theo pinson is my favorite unc recruit in 13 and 14. I think he is very underrated. He has legit size and length for a sg, combined with great athleticism, vision, passing ability, and he is a good defender who really competes. His jumper is extreamly advanced, and his three ball is getting better. The only flaws I have seen with him is he is thin at 185, and his ball handling must get better some. Still I pose the question of why is he not in the top 10 on most recruiting sites. Thoughts everyone?

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2 reasons

2 reasons why. 1) Made his collegiate choice very early. Once a kid makes a choice having him ranked high isn't as marketable so you will see uncommitted guys jump up to create more buzz. 2) He is very much an all around player and I see some similarities to a young Igoudala but he is not a big time scorer... Scoring points gets press and people paid.

I don't think he is necessarily a top 10 player but top 15-20 sure.

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At one point he was top 5

At one point he was top 5 nationally on every site. I feel when your highly rated early scouts tend to over analyze your game. And even some of us regular people are guilty of doing that. He was in the spotlight since 7th grade when he used to have workout video's with D-one sports on youtube with Bishop daniels,Dez wells,Quincy miller and those boys. Some scouts expected so much more from him.But he is still a top tier talent non the less. I feel he is a top 15 player no questions asked. And he will be a very good get for UNC.

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He impacts the game in many

He impacts the game in many ways. Defense, passing, and hustle. He is in the mold of MKG, Iguodala, Oladipo etc. He gets to the free throw line at an alarmly high rate. Jumpshot needs work but his free throw shooting shows promise in that regard. I am happy he is suiting up for my Heels.

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I think he's being rated just

I think he's being rated just right. His composite ranking is somewhere in the early to mid teens which sounds reasonable to me. 2014 is turning out to be a deep class for wings. There's a ton of competition at the 2 and 3. I don't think Pinson's slipped as much others have burst onto the scene or have shown more marked improvement. Like, I would've never guessed that Stanley Johnson would've become one of the more prolific scorers in AAU ball. Kelly Oubre has shot up because he's shown more dimensions to his game to go along with his prototype size and athleticism (he was previously seen as a shooter with good size). Daniel Hamilton has risen because he's grown a couple of inches in the past yr or so and has become one of the more versatile, polished scorers in his class.

These wings are neck and neck so it could come down to who's had better recent showings or who's improved more in a short span of time For example, one of my favorite prospects in the class D'Angelo Russell has seen his composite ranking slip to the 20-30s from being in the same range as Pinson because he had a poor spring, but he had a much better showing at the Peach Jam and Global Challenge so I expect him to creep back up the rankings.

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