Thats that SH** I dont Like!

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Thats that SH** I dont Like!

Love the NBA and im not a hater but its far from a perfect product...Talkin to a friend of mine and they asked me what are some things Id change etc etc

That clause in the CBA that lets a team offer 15 mill in the 3rd year of a deal..why would any team match that for a RFA?

Skip bayless would be banned from talking about basketball, I understand he has some insight but hes a Shock Jock and its sooo apparent he doesnt Believe half the things he says..But says them for shock value or the sake of goin out on a limb. He should stick to tebow talk and baseball..Thats it!!


David Stern trying to limit the USA team to players 23 and under...Leave it up to the players. No need to send a combo of the sophmore and rookie team out there

A Cap on Ticket reason it should cost 1000$ to see your fave team play anyone..Fu** that Ish lol

Draft lottery ping pong ball thing not being seen by the public...Let us see Who wins! so we no its real i dont see how it hurts

Flopping!!! once again i hate it..i play in a few rec leagues and its even finding its way there and becoming part of the game smh

The dunk contest..I hate the props! jumping over a motorcycle or hood of a kia isnt impressive

All star teams...Include 13 players every year there are pretty audicous emissions cuz of "positions"

Flopping- for the last time lol

Stop giving technicals for being emotional on the court especially since all players arent created equally

Flagrant calls on hard fouls- Let em play!

What about you guys what would you change? Agree/disagree w me?

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Skip is weak in terms of basketball

He honestly should not speak on it. He is not that knowledgable in terms of basketball at all.

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Agreed Skip doesn't have a clue on basketball , he is laughable at best next to Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Also I agree whole heartedly on the dunk contest , HS dunk contests are better see.......

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Just did they

Just did they used to do the Draft Lottery?

I can't wrap by head around on how they could show the actual lottery on live TV because they show the order from 14 down.

They could keep the format (let's be honest this format has only been kept for money purposes and to increase ratings), but then once we figure out who has the #1 pick they can cut to a video of how the ping pong balls rolled out.

I understand someone could doctor the video to make it seem genuine but that's the only idea I got.

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You had me at "props"

Seriously... just give us some amazing flight time and great creativity in the air with the ball. I'm also so tired of stupid props on dunk contests.

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good list

The only problem is...EVERYONE hates ALL this stuff (Skip Bayless, flopping, draft lottery, 23 and under)...where have you been the past year?

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Honestly prior to clicking

Honestly prior to clicking this thread I thought the next words would be BANG BANG. I'm disappointed.

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great post

Great post i agree 100%.
If in the future USA gets a silver or bronze medal in the olympics because all of their players are under 23, the American public should collectively egg David Stern's house. I'm not even American but damn, let the best of the best duke it out, not the young guns.

I'd like to see reductions in individual player salaries. I know a lot of people hate hearing this, but as a fan i hate it when a team I like sign a player for over 100 million and i know they're gonna be strapped for a few years, and they'll probably cycle through second round picks and aging veterans for their bench. What I see a 9 digit contract i cringe. Why do GMs do this?

They should also bring back respectable judges for the dunk contest instead of fan voting. Let's face it, the fans are f*ckin up! Jeremy Evans? Give me a break. Show me a dunk contest of LeBron, Durant, Rose, Westbrook, Wall and Melo. The stars used to bring serious intensity to the dunk contests because more was on the line; bring the stars back to the dunk contest!

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would love too c it b live but we know thats not happening in stern land he wouldnt have been able too tell the new owners of the hornets when they bought they team they were guaranteed the no 1 pick

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The only real problem with

The only real problem with the NBA I have is that it's trying so hard to take the physicality out of the sport. No handchecking, breathing on some players is enough to warrent a foul, and all those crazy phantom calls need to go. By taking out the physical aspect of the game you are rendering certain players completely useless while making other players seem like basketball gods. Guys can just drive to the hoop and know they're either getting two freethrows or a layup/dunk, it's a joke to watch. The Clippers vs Grizzilies series this year was kind of a breath of fresh air because guys like Reggie Evans, who like to move bodies, were actually effective for once. Biggest change I would make, easily.

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thanks for posting this

thanks for posting this knicks.

I don't like the Under 23 rule either. We kick ass in Olympic basketball so why change that? I like the idea of having players play a maximum of 2 Olympics. Then you could put 4 college guys on the team. So this year Carmelo and LeBron wouldn't be on the team. You could put MKG and Harrison Barnes as replacements. With the 4th college guy being a big man (Tyler Zeller, T Rob, John Henson, or Jared Sullinger come to mind) to replace James Harden. That would make this better for young guys, while also letting veteran NBA players play. I think it is neat that Tyson Chandler is on the team along with Iggy. Both are great role playing team guys who don't hog the ball. ... then if you get 4 college guys like Anthony Davis now, then after 2016 he would be done with his Olympic obligation. I also think that 1 or 2 of those collegiate spots should go to college seniors.

This would be the team this year:


PG: Chris Paul
SG: Kobe Byrant
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Kevin Love
C: Tyson Chandler


PG: Deron Williams
SG: Russell Westbrook
SF: Andre Iguodala
PF: Anthony Davis
C: Tyler Zeller


SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
SF: Harrison Barnes

This team would lose LeBron and Melo but gets a little bigger up front by adding Tyler Zeller then another small shooting small forward in Harrison Barnes with MKG giving Team USA another wing defender. This team would be a good mix of veterans and young guys with KD being the go-to guy and Kobe being the veteran scorer. I think Westbrook would be the instant offense guy off the bench with a couple of solid bigs down low in Zeller and A.D. off the bench. MKG and Iggy would defend and Harrison Barnes would be a scoring 3 man to play behind Kevin Durant. I think that Tyler Zeller would be a good fit for this team. He is a legit center but he can also play the 4. Good scorer with moves who could thrive in the international game.

This is a pretty well-balanced team that sends some of our best NBA talent along with some great college players.

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Love the title of the

Love the title of the thread..

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sad as it may seem

There is a significant demographic of racist espn watchers who like to have their racist beliefs about sports in America affirmed by Skip Bayless. Is it morally reprehensible? yes. Is is socailly irresponsible? probably. Does it make ESPN more money? Yes it does, and thats why they do it

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Skip Bayless is racist?

Skip Bayless is racist?

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Racist? He might hate Lebron

Racist? He might hate Lebron and love Romo, but he is far from a racist. He is a smart guy but the problem is that he tries to creae a disagrement, but I really like First Take with him and Stephen A. They're the best duo in the buisness.

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Silver medal

May be USA in a near future will get only a silver or bronze or no medal, but the real problem is that there are to many foreign player in key roles. For example, Team USA is undersize, there are few good american big men. 20 years ago there were 4 o 5 foreign players in the NBA or so, let's say 10... today there are 100 less or more.... about 1/4. In these circumstancies we must expect defeats are coming.

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I think that you really can't blame the players for flopping..It's more along the refs fault...all the training and they are suppose to be the "best of the best" but still they can't tell the difference from a flop and a charge...Exactly what is the nba paying them for...

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Kids on this board calling Rubio 'White', when he is Spanish or calling Deng 'Black', when he is African, specifically Sudanese.

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Rubio= white Deng= Monday

Rubio= white

Deng= Monday

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Some of the things

I really don't like.....

1. Restricted free agency.... Either let players be unrestricted or not.

2. James Dolan / Donald Sterling type owners

3. Blatant tanking

4. Players say they will only accept a trade to one specific team.... Yes Crymello and Dwightmare, I mean you

5. Fat out of shape players

6. Owners who claim the league is losing money , have a lock out and then allow their gms to spend like idiots.

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