Is Thabeet the next Dwight Howard?

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Is Thabeet the next Dwight Howard?

Joking. Just tired of hearing the Hardin's to MJ's, Blake Griffin's to Malone/Boozer (every PF to Boozer) Rubio to Maravich, Derozan to Carter, Mullens to Kaman, and it keeps going....look back at nbadraft a couple of years and you'll laugh

Yi Jianlian - Pau Gasol
Brandon Wright - Bosh
Acie Law - Chauncey Billups
Thaddeus Young - Paul Pierce
Rodney Stuckey - Dajaun Wagner
Nick Young - Josh Howard
Marco Belinelli - Ray Allen
Crittenton - Steve Francis

I don't mind comparisons, like Spencer Hawes to Brad Miller is seemingly on the money....just stop comparing people at the middle or end of lottery to NBA All-Stars, 3-4 of these guys at best will ever be All-stars once or twice.

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Is just to show you what type of game they play. It isn't a projection of what player they will become, you know?

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people always look at the best case scenarios when they make comparison's. I notice a lot of people that just expect too much from this draft, saying things like there will be multiple all-stars and at least 7 pg's who will be starters, etc etc.

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Not all those predicitions

Not all those predicitions you listed are horrible.

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Nick young got game and

Nick young got game and stuckey way better then wagner was in the league but i do see what your saying...

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i know what you mean but

i know what you mean but just because you may say derozan plays like MJ doesn´t mean he will be the greatest of all times.

it´s just a comparison of the things a player likes to do. for example derozan and jordan both have the same style: the early jordan didn´t hit many threes and almost only went to the rim and finished above it. derozan likes to do it the same way but that does not mean he will ever do it nearly as effective as jordan...

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Best of all was Adam

Best of all was Adam Morrison's NBA comparison: Larry Bird.

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&$#%#&@! and 4get u man. Do u

&$#%#[email protected]! and 4get u man. Do u even no Adam? that's wat i thought. his in the NBA and wat r u doing? Home sucking dick and on this site. U would never b able to guard Adam 1v1 without a doubt, u'd lose 2 or 4 to 21 like everyother &$#%#[email protected]! hater like u does, they say he sucks but then they play and Adam DESTROYS them and they never hate again. Hell, i bet u don[t even play COLLEGE BAsketball. Better yet, HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL. Adam's in the NBA, show them respect, it's been a long road, god DAMn gays like u piss the **** out of me.

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All of those players are

All of those players are still really young

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The comparisons on this site are skill set, body type and athleticism. It is not necessarily how someone plays. It is inevitable that every three point shooting big man that is foreign will be somewhat compared to Dirk Nowitzki or every quick lefty point will be somewhat compared to T.J. Ford. A couple years back Deshawn Stevenson was compared to Michael Jordan. Thats not saying hes going to be the next Jordan, its just saying Stevenson is an overathletic shooting guard who finishes above the rim and is able to match his offensive intensity with defensive intensity, too. That was the kind of player Stevenson was out of high school. Besides if you're good enough to be drafted in the lottery, you're definately going to be compared to a succesful NBA player, otherwise why draft you in the lottery in the first place?

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When making comparisons,
When making comparisons, it's a necessary evil to project someone as better than they probably will be. Otherwise, you're selling them short and creating an NBA comparison that people can't relate to.
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Deshawn Stevenson was

Deshawn Stevenson was compared to Michael Jordan. What a joke.

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People say Im crazy 4 this...

I have always said Nick Young plays like Kobe Bryant. Folks always say Im crazy, but its not that I think he is the animal Kobe is, I just think that alot of the moves and his physical skills are Kobe-esque

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Kobe comparison

I don't know about that, but one guy who has always reminded me of Kobe: OJ Mayo.

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