Thabeet to Detroit

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Thabeet to Detroit

Another thought I can't get out of my head is the idea that the team who should move up to grab Thabeet at 2 (or wherever) is Detroit. I have no idea what their opinion of him is & if it isn't good, than obviously this isn't a good idea. But looking at their roster & the free agents they are likely to go after, Thabeet makes a lot of sense for them to be the defensive plug in the middle.

I think this only happens if they involve a third team. But I could see Memphis moving down to pick 7-11 if they were compensated well enough, and there are teams like Golden State, Toronto & NJ in that range that only have the one pick & might move back to 15 if they added enough value to do so.

I know opinions on Thabeet vary, but if he goes to a veteran team where all he has to do is play defense, that would be the best situation for him to find himself in (IMHO anyway).

Any thoughts?

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Joe Dumars would be the type of GM to move up. I could see the Pistons interested in Thabeet because Thabeet everyone has to understand if he pans out he'll be like Ben Wallace and the Pistons need another Ben Wallace. If you think Thabeet will be a bust b/c he won't score 20 points and get 15 boards a game then yeah he'll be a bust in your minds. Thabeet is going to be a 10-12ppg, 12-15rpg, and 3-5blkpg. I am excited to see him vs. D-Howard matches up. I know I am going to recieve a lot of criticism for this, but whatever.

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They need to rethink the youth movement. They should trade RIP and the #15 for the #2 pick and grab Thabeet or Rubio. I mean, Rasheed and Dice are gone... So why not pull the trigger and go young now. Build around Prince (should have been an all -star already) and Stuckey. Let Amir and Max play more. Give this Sharpe dude a chance and see how they fill in and then go big in the 2010 free agent market. I think if they are really going after Boozer or Gordon, they are making a huge mistake. Ariza makes sense if they want to trade Prince (but why trade Prince????).

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It would take more than Rip

It would take more than Rip & the 15th pick to trade up to #2. I like the idea of the Pistons getting Thabeet though.

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Your Right

How many big men are 20-10 in this league nowadays?

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