Texas commission refuses to release Pacman/Margarito test results

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Texas commission refuses to release Pacman/Margarito test results


To clarify: Texas is not implying anything about the drug tests. The fighters took and Texas knows the results. They are just not saying. via web

You want results from drug tests in Nevada? Wait a week or so until after the fight and I make a phone call and it's done in 30 seconds. via web

Texas claims the results are confidential. So if both guys are clean, dirty or a combination they won't say. Is Texas communist? via web The commission still won't release results from either fighter. I received an email today saying so from the state attorney general (more) via web

For nearly a month I have had an open records request in to the Texas commission for drug test results from Pacquiao-Margarito. (more) via web

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its stuff like this why i

its stuff like this why i just always assume the worst. If i was a clean athlete, i would release my tests on national television. Unfortunately, so many athletes have been caught cheating, i just assume guilty until proven innocent for anyone being accused. I assume cam newton and auburn exchanged money. I assume lance armstrong took steroids. And i assume manny paquioa is on steroids too.

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