Terry on the move

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Terry on the move

Interesting deal. Terry seems pretty washed up.

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Houston has no interest

Houston has no interest whatsoever on Terry, they had 3 non guaranteed contracts (Gee, Hopson, Covington) they got in the first place to use them to get some assets. They might play Terry or not, they might even waive him, what they were interested into is those 2 second rounders. They have some cap space, so having Terry's deal for a season it's not that big of a problem, they aren't giving up any player with noticeable potential and they also don't have much use for that cap space for this year so why not get 2 second rounders basically for free? The price is just having Terry's deal on their books, while Sacramento needed to dump his salary since they're very close to the tax line. This trade works for both teams, though one might argue that if Sacramento had not taken a few bad salaries (Rudy Gay the first that comes to mind) and/or gave too much money to some mediocre players in the last few years they wouldn't be in the position to give up two second rounders (though one of those two was an extra second rounder they received from the Knicks, if I recall correctly). Also, since Gee, Hopson and Covington's salaries called for a total of roughly $6 million it was unlikely Houston could get a first rounder, so 2 second round picks are a very good price here.

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Kings will drop Jeremy Tyler

Kings will drop Jeremy Tyler because of this. Lakers should pick him up.

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Maybe Terry is something

Maybe Terry is something Houston does need, someone with an outisde shot who has won a championship. A veteran off the bench.

If Terry takes three shots each game from beyond the arc, and hits one, he will have done his job. I will guess he gets 10 to 15 minutes a game, just a small role. Terry did hit three-pointers at a slightly better percentage than Beverley and Harden, and Parsons and Lin, did last season. With Howard in the middle, Terry could have open shots and hit at 40% from long range.

Some people think the players the Kings are getting are for another trade, as they can be waived and the other team can save money. So there is a small chance this will be part of what the Kings do to get someone like Rondo or Josh Smith, and the Kings may also have a trade exception to use too that was created when I Thomas went to the Suns.

If the Kings did this to save some money themselves, it will also help with guard minutes as Terry and Ellington, who they are said to be waiving, will be out and Stauskas and McLemore will have to play, and the Kings need to play the guards they took in the lottery.

It is just good to have some sort of trade news around, even it it is a small deal.

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You heard It here, Rockets

You heard It here, Rockets will find a way to get Rondo

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